Spares for existing conveyors or parts to manufacture your own conveyor or ball transfer unit.  Available from stock or manufactured to match existing requirements Merlin can help keep you moving.


For ultimate flexibility of design and usage the XU series of Lineshaft conveyors cannot be beaten. These conveyors are suitable for light applications up to 20 kg such as cardboard boxes and tote boxes.


Made to order conveyor trays are designed with flat bases to run on most conveyor systems from skate roller track to belt conveyors and allow smaller items not normally suited to conveyors to be transported.

Conveyor Trays

Vehicle loaders and unloader conveyors are available in Fixed, Flexible, Powered and Mobile versions and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. From parcels to mattresses we have a conveyor to help with the safe and quick loading or unloading of the vehicles, from transit vans to ISO sea containers.

Vehicle Loaders and Unloaders

A conveyor system simply takes a product from point A to point B.  As conveyors have evolved along with automation and I.T. the systems that can now be implemented during the products trip are almost limitless. Products can vary from tablets and capsules, chocolate bars and frozen sausages up to vehicles in a robotic manufacturing system.

powered belt conveyors

Pallet conveyor is generally used for moving heavy loads though it can equally be used where the working environment demands a rugged construction. 


Flexible conveyors are used in food packaging, case packing, and pharmaceutical industries where a mobile conveyor system that can be directed around obstacles has appreciable benefits. Merlin can supply both gravity and motorised flexible conveyors.


Powered belt conveyors are one of the most popular conveyor systems in the world for moving items from one space to another. We have various smooth and ribbed belts along with belts for the food industry. The powered belt conveyor frames can be supplied in steel and stainless steel.

powered belt conveyors

Manufactured in Wolverhampton since the mid 1960's it is by far the most popular and simple way of moving a product from A to B by the use of the products own weight.


A simple arrangement of sections of gravity roller track linked together by sliding transfer sections to provide a useful means of loading and unloading vehicles or moving goods within the warehouse or stores and without the need of power these gravity conveyors can be used anywhere 

telescopic warehouse conveyor

Powered belt conveyors are probably the most popular type of conveyor in use today. The belt conveyor supporting structure can be manufactured from Mild steel or Stainless steel or a mixture of both.  The belts can also be supplied in Rubber, Nylon and now Stainless steel mesh (Ideal for bakeries and the food industry)


On assembly lines, efficient material handling is crucial to productivity. Since transportation does not involve processing the item, transport times should be minimized. With properly planned material flows, buffer sizes are minimized and thus the WIP (work in process) value reduced.


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