Flexible Conveyors

Flexible conveyors are used in food packaging, case packing, and pharmaceutical industries where a mobile conveyor system that can be directed around obstacles has appreciable benefits.


Just because your working environment needs to be flexible it does not mean that your conveyor solution cannot be flexible too. 

Uni-flex expanding conveyors allow you to choose how and where you need a conveyor as due to it design they can be expanded if you require a longer system or bent into curves or even compacted for better storage when not in use. 

Uni-Flex comes in three basic configurations, skate wheel, gravity roller or Lineshaft powered roller.

To find a flexible solution just call our experienced sales team with your handling requirements and we will do the rest.

Expanding Conveyors

expanding conveyor track

Versatile mobile conveyor system

Improves productivity & reduces manual handling

Ideal for warehouse & industrial applications

Extends to suit changing applications & closes for efficient storage

Can be stretched around corners

High impact PVC Skate wheel & roller models available

Height adjustable from 650 mm to 1100 mm

Supplied as standard with handles & 100 mm swivel braked castors

Rated at 80 kg per metre

Axle pitch when fully extended 125 mm

All steel work protected with a bright zinc plated finish

Options include end stops & hooks to connect multiple conveyors 


Available on request

Bright zinc plated steel roller & skate wheel models

Height ranges of 450-700 mm or 900-1200 mm

Heavy duty models

Different lengths & widths

Roller end stops

Please call for details

Product CodeDescription 







EXP-PW400-2.0-L2 Skatewheel Model 0.63M 2M 400  
EXP-PW400-3.5-L2 Skatewheel Model 1.02M 3.5M 400
EXP-PW400-5.0-L2 Skatewheel Model 1.41M 5M 400
EXP-PW400-6.5-L2 Skatewheel Model 1.80M 6.5M 400
EXP-PW400-8.0-L2 Skatewheel Model 2.19M 8M 400
EXP-PW400-9.5-L2 Skatewheel Model 2.58M 9.5M 400
EXP-PW600-2.0-L2 Skatewheel Model 0.63M 2M 600
EXP-PW600-3.5-L2 Skatewheel Model 1.02M 3.5M 600
EXP-PW600-5.0-L2 Skatewheel Model 1.41M 5M 600
EXP-PW600-6.5-L2 Skatewheel Model 1.80M 6.5M 600
EXP-PW600-8.0-L2 Skatewheel Model 2.19M 8M 600
EXP-PW600-9.5-L2 Skatewheel Model 2.58M 9.5M 600
EXP-PR400-2.0-L2 Roller Model 0.94M 2M 400
EXP-PR400-3.5-L2 Roller Model 1.56M 3.5M 400
EXP-PR400-5.0-L2 Roller Model 2.18M 5M 400
EXP-PR400-6.5-L2 Roller Model 2.80M 6.5M 400
EXP-PR400-8.0-L2 Roller Model 3.42M 8M 400
EXP-PR400-9.5-L2 Roller Model 4.04M 9.5M 400
EXP-PR600-2.0-L2 Roller Model 0.94M 2M 600
EXP-PR600-3.5-L2 Roller Model 1.56M 3.5M 600
EXP-PR600-5.0-L2 Roller Model 2.18M 5M 600
EXP-PR600-6.5-L2 Roller Model 2.80M 6.5M 600
EXP-PR600-8.0-L2 Roller Model 3.42M 8M 600
EXP-PR600-9.5-L2 Roller Model 4.04M 9.5M 600
CH Connecting Hooks      
ESP End Stop