Mobile powered loaders are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. The standard range includes 45 permutations of conveyors, in addition any unit can be supplied with an epoxy resin finish and food grade belt for food handling applications.

powered belt conveyor

Health and Safety features common to all the range include finger guards, a mushroom-headed stop button and a specially designed machine drum, smaller than the belt width, so that fingers cannot be trapped easily.

Each model is rated to carry 100Kg per metre (67 lb per foot) with a maximum spread load of 350Kg (770 lb). Power is supplied by a fixed-speed 1/2HP single-phase 240V AC motor, with an optional 3 phase motor available at no extra charge. Other options are available on request.

In vehicle loading applications an optional gravity expandable "tongue" accessory can be attached to the end of the main-boom, giving access deep inside the vehicle. Other accessories available for this range include adjustable side guards, hydraulic in-feed table lifts and electro-hydraulic controls.

Power Belts

Powered Belt systems can be supplied in virtually any configuration to suit specific applications and are ideal for general-purpose use or available in food quality finish.

Standard widths are 300mm, 450mm and 600mm with up to 1000mm available to order.

Power is provided by single or 3 phase electric motors, available for most AC voltages, with fixed speed roller chain drive or variable speed gears.
Starters, reversing starters, remote controls, electromagnetic brakes and emergency stops are all available to suit the customers particular needs.
All Powered Belt systems can be arranged horizontally or inclined, and integrated into other types of conveyancing to form a complete handling system.

Powered Belt Conveyor

Powered Roller Conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyor
We can supply a wide variety of powered roller conveyors, from simple line-shaft driven systems, up to heavy duty chain driven pallet conveyors.
Line-shaft driven rollers are based on a unique polyurethane belt and roller principle, giving an inherent accumulation characteristic. The modular design enables complex systems to be achieved both quickly and cost effectively
Chain driven roller conveyors are capable of conveying loads up to 1500 kg, and offer an efficient solution to any pallet handling scenario.
Zero Line Pressure conveyor systems are also available for those applications where delicate handling and/or accurate positioning of items are required.
 Powered Roller Conveyor