Drum heaters are perfect for steel or plastic drums where you want to keep the contents at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity or just keeping the contents from freezing. The drum jackets and lids are available in a wide range of formats including ATEX as shown below. Manufactured in Denmark and supplied in the UK by Merlin Industrial Products. Online shop at Drum Heaters and Insulation shop. Discounted Prices shown below.

11 9862 drum insulation cover

Drum Trolleys and Stands designed to carry the standard 210 litre steel drums (Plastic drum stand at the bottom of the page). Fully welded tubular steel frames and with various options and accessories that allow for easier decanting and handling operations.

DH440Z drum Stand 210Litre

Manual and Hydraulic Drum Lifter that are ideal for raising, transporting, rotating, tilting and draining fully loaded 210 litre steel drums safely and with minimum effort.

Drum lifter

Load and offload drums up to 250kg to pallets with the heavy duty drum loader that also allows you to easily move industry standard 210 litre drums around your workplace.

Pallet Loader

A range of steel drum storage options that include a secure shelter, drum rack and a steel sump with 250 litres capacity.


Manual Single Steel Drum Transporter with retaining hook

Drum Transporters

Three in One Drum Transporter 250 kg capacity


Universal Steel Drum Transporters for the easy transportation of full and empty 210 litre steel drums with a capacity of 350 kg. Levadrum model has a folding handle and can be used as a trolley once loaded.

DH483J painted steel drum transporter


Enclosed Drum stores for horizontal and vertical storage with integral sump for the safe collection of leaks and spillages. These units will require a forklift for unloading. Manufactured in the UK and designed for industrial use.

DH204Z enclosed steel drum store

A wide choice of external drum storage products with sumps

DH910Z steel drum storage unit

Easily moved with forklift trucks these steel drum stores with the drums stored horizontally and drum store pallets allow easy access to the contents and can be stacked 2 high like stillages.Manufactured from Heavy Duty corrugated steel in the UK.
DH274Z horizontal drum store

Single steel 210 litre vertical drum store manufactured from heavy duty steel with three sides to prevent spillage along with a 250 litre sump.
DH941Z vertical drum store with sump

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