Designed for the standard steel Drums these stands off a fixed or mobile option and are ideal for decanting chemicals and liquids required in the workplace.

Drum Stands


Product Information

  • Single drum stands for drums.
  • DH440Z - Static model.
  • DH442S - Mobile model for longer distances.
  • Tubular steel construction.
  • Please enquire for details on full model range
  • DH440Z is the Static Model and DH422S has 2 x 100mm Fixed castors and 2 x 75mm Swivel castors
  • Overall Size 865 x 595mm High
  • Height under the drum - Fixed 280mm Mobile 315mm

Full list of steel barrel stands shown below.

DH439Z - Drum handle lever for use with: 440Z, 442S, 443Z, 445S

ModelDescriptionFinishWeight kgSize in mmHeight mmHeight under side of drum mmRoller diameter mm
DH439Z Drum handle lever: Use with 440Z, 442S, 443Z, 445S Blue painted          
DH440Z     5.4 865 x 595 350 280  
DH442S     14 865 x 595 385 315  
DH443Z     7.2 865 x 595 350 290 75mm
DH445S     15.4 865 x 595 385 325 75mm


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