ATEX fork lift attachments work with your existing ATEX handling equipment to comply with the directives for handling goods in potentially explosive surroundings. As well as the standard forklift attachments we also supply ATEX compliant attachments manufactured from spark proof stainless steel.

ATEX forklift attachments

Designed for automatically handling 210 litre drums of the Steel tight head, open topped and L ring plastic varieties, see images below. The operation of this forklift attachment drum lifter is fully automatic allowing the fork lift truck operator to manage the whole operation without leaving his seat.

 dtg automatic drum handling tongs

All the forklift and crane mounted big bag handlers are manufactured to the highest quality, come 'CE' marked, fully tested and supplied with the latest Health & Safety test certification.

forklift big bag handlers

A range of Base Emptying Bins / Stillages designed for collecting, moving and safely dumping factory waste whilst utilising your forklift truck. Available in Manual and Automatic release. BDB and ADB


The hopper attachment is ideal for moving concrete or any other granular material easily around a site and can be poured in a controlled manner reducing waste, ensuring accuracy and making cleaning up a lot easier. As well as the cement hoppers Merlin can supply Block and Brick grabbers for the construction industry.

Automatic drum grips for steel and some plastic drums. Designed for low to medium usage and fits most standard forklift trucks.


A range of steel drum positioners with forklift attachments and the popular Warrior lift, rotate and discharge the contents safely at height. Lift is performed
hydraulically by handle and pedal and rotation mechanically via a hand wheel. Drum rollback is prevented by 30:1 ratio transfer box.


Fork lift trucks are an essential handling aid around a warehouse and stores but sometimes you need a different form of lifting equipment such as a crane. Cranes can be quite expensive and normally only suitable for a small range of tasks. The quick fork lift adaptor is an accessory tthat turns your fork lift into a crane that can lift up to 2000kg. With the quick crane attachment your forklift becomes even more useful and saves you money.

Easy Fix Fork Lift Adaptor

There are always odd jobs that require longer forks than the normal pallet truck or fork lift truck comes with.  Fork extensions are ideal for this as they can easily be mounted and removed as and when you need them.

Fork Extensions

Fork Mounted Jibs and Cranes for companies with existing fork lift trucks these jib attachments help save costs by turning your fork lift into a crane that can work indoors and outdoors with various loads.

Forklift attachment for handling steel and some plastic drums.  Easily fitted to most forklifts this attachment enables full rotation and locking in any position and is ideal for emptying the contents or changing drums from vertical to horizontal position.

Forklift attachment for wheelie bin handling from 90 to 1100 litres with two models covering the range. The forklift attachments allow a single operator to empty bins on site easily and quickly and are designed to work with most wheelie bins on the market or we can adapt to suit your particular models.

Forklift attachment for Wheelie Bins

Plastic tanks from 150 to 300 litre capacity and all able to be handled and moved using a forklift truck. Designed as large mortar bins these industrially designed plastic bins can be used with a wide range of liquids and materials.

forklift plastic tanks

Forklift mounted platform for the safe removal and loading of packages and equipment and designed for the business without a dedicated fixed loading platform but requiring to load or off load articulated trucks.

forklift attachment lorry unloader

The forklift truck bins below can be emptied as the base swivels down and away and when on the shop floor they can easily be wheeled around on the supplied castors. Base Emptying Bins available in Black, White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and Orange - standard lead time is 3 weeks.

bottom opening skips for forklifts

This multi-purpose forklift gas bottle and cylinder handler is designed to safely allow gas cylinders to be transported without the need for manual handling.  


Heavy duty tilting skips with a load capacity of 600 kg these heavy duty tilting skips are ideal for most waste management facilities.  With integral fork lift sockets the skips can be moved around safely and quickly. Capacities from 0.25 to 1.5 cubic metres.

SK315Z Heavy duty tilting skip

Fork lift attachment for gripping steel drums by the rim with either a single or double drum grip for moving lots of drums.

Roll forward tipping skips (RFS) provide an easy one man operation helping keep areas free from scrap or rubbish and the tilting skips have a simple to operate mechanism.


The Forklift side keeper is a device to stop laden pallets with valuable loads tipping off to the left and right and  most commonly caused by uneven ground.


Designed to attach to a standard forklift truck and allow the snow to be ploughed off of car parks etc.  The plough attachment can also be used as a yard scraper.  Available for next day delivery if ordered before 10am.

Snow Plough attachment for forklift trucks

This Tipping Steel Pallet will handle almost any kind of box or flat packed material. The self-tipping unit is activated by releasing a spring mechanism and is designed for constant service. Typical applications include the offloading of catalogues, balers and other items that need to be discharged from the forks of the truck.

Tipping Pallet for fork lifts

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