Forklift mounted platform for the safe removal and loading of packages and equipment and designed for the business without a dedicated fixed loading platform but requiring to load or off load articulated trucks.

forklift attachment lorry unloader

This fork mounted loading platform is ideal for carrying out safe loading and unloading of products from the bed of a lorry. With a fixed 600mm long loading ramp that can be lowered onto the lorry bed, pallets, boxes, and other goods via a hand pallet truck can be loaded and unloaded with ease.

Manufactured from mild steel and fitted with front rubber buffer pads, the loading platform is robust and durable, whilst being kind to the vehicle.

With anti-slip flooring and a drop down ladder, access for loading from the ground is made safe and risk free. Combined with integral hand rails, which are fitted to the goods loading platform, quick and safe access for the user is ensured at all times.

Fully tested, our fork mounted loading platform will come 'CE' marked and supplied with relevant health and safety certification and operating instructions.

forklift attachment lorry unloader with ladder


  • Fixed 600 mm long loading ramp offering easy loading and unloading capabilities
  • Drop down ladder complete with safety hand rails for easy access into and out of platform
  • Front rubber buffered side wings for vehicle protection
  • Anti-slip flooring for secure footing
  • Quick release chains fitted to front of the platform for goods security
  • Fully tested and certified to comply with Health & Safety Regulations


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