Forklift attachment for handling steel and some plastic drums.  Easily fitted to most forklifts this attachment enables full rotation and locking in any position and is ideal for emptying the contents or changing drums from vertical to horizontal position.



  • Eliminates the manual handling of steel drums
  • Fit or remove in seconds
  • Rotate drums through 360 degreesClose ratio gear box will hold drum in any position at any point of its rotation
  • Maximum fork spread 707 mmPockets for fork lift use
  • Can be used on Plastic Drums but not Mauser drums (DTR-3-DS / DTR-4-DS)


Single and twin clamps all with a weight capacity of 360kg


Twin Clamp Models

  1. DTR-3-DS - Handle operated
  2. DTR-4-DS - Chain operated
Model Ref Capacity
Drum Type
[210 Litre]
Operation Max Fork Size
DTR-3-DS 360 Steel Crank Handle 140 x 50


Model Ref Capacity
Drum Type
[210 Litre]
Operation Max Fork Size
DTRU-3 360 Steel, Plastic,Fibre,Mauser Crank Handle 140 x 50
  • Fitted with fork pockets for forklift use and a lifting eye for crane use, thus offering better utilisation of available plant
  • Crank handle rotation to allow effortless and controlled pouring of drum contents, eliminating risk of over pouring and spillage
  • High quality gearbox to drain drums fully whilst eliminating manual handling and reducing risk of back strain
  • Manually adjustable drum girdle that grips drum firmly, eliminating risk of drum slippage and subsequent damage costs and contents loss
  • Generous size 'drive in' fork pockets to allow quick fitting on and off forklift
  • 'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity for Health & Safety Regulations
  • Full Datasheet shown below. Please contact us for the latest price and availability.  Normal delivery is 7 working days.
  • SC models have now been discontinued

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