Designed for automatically handling 210 litre drums of the Steel tight head, open topped and L ring plastic varieties, see images below. The operation of this forklift attachment drum lifter is fully automatic allowing the fork lift truck operator to manage the whole operation without leaving his seat.

 dtg automatic drum handling tongs

Automatic Forklift Drum Lifter for Steel and Plastic Drums

Automatic Forklift Drum Lifter for Steel & Plastic Drums
Features and Benefits
  •     40 Years dedicated experience in the industry
  •     'No Quibble Guarantee' - 100% refund if not satisfied
  •     The drum lifter will come 'CE' marked, as by law, and supplied with Health & Safety certification
  •     Grips drums under top lip suitable for steel and 'L' plastic drums, reducing investment as this one attachment will suit most drums
  •     Single lifting eye on top for fork truck use or crane use allowing lower cost through flexibility
  •     Lightweight construction allows attachment to be picked up by one person, reduce labour times and costs
  •     Fully-automatic in operation, drums can be picked up & released without driver leaving seat, reducing downtime and labour costs
Please check the information below
Technical Information:
Model Ref:                  DTG-AU-1
No of Drums               1
Product Weight (Kg)    29kg
Load Capacity (kg)      500kg

Further models in specification sheet.