The Newton range of ergonomic lifting tools offer a perfect combination of safety and functional design allowing various weights and items to be handled and moves with the minimum of effort by the operator. Weight capacities of 50 to 250 kg and an assortment of handling accessories.

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The right way to lift and move things …

Every day, thousands of people lift thousands of tons of goods – the wrong way. Using Newton for ergonomic lifting and moving saves your strength and reduces industrial injuries and time away from work.

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Give your body a break – and lighten the mood at work!

Lifting and moving – often in inappropriate working positions – constitute one of the most common causes of back and muscle pain, and can even lead to chronic strain injuries. And of course, having a job that causes aches and pains doesn’t exactly promote well-being and happiness at work.

The great ergonomic health challenge

More than half of all working days lost to health issues are caused by injuries to muscles, joints or the skeletal structure – known within the EU as MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). More than 40 million workers in Europe suffer from MSD. These injuries (not including accidents) cost employers a sum equivalent to 0.5–2% of the GDP for the whole of the EU, posing “A significant strain on the EU’s economy”. Dealing with the issue of MSD is one of the biggest health challenges facing Europe today.

The Newton lifter never compromises

Newton is a safe choice when it comes to ergonomics. The equipment makes lifting as safe and simple as possible. It ensures flexible handling of all kinds of goods, and the lifter is easy to adapt to different types of lifting tasks.
Offices, factories, hospitals, warehouses, workshops, retail stores, stockrooms and schools are all places where Newton can take care of the heavy work and eliminate the biggest cause of musculoskeletal disorders – and make work processes more efficient at the same time.

Newton not only saves money on reduced absence due to illness, it also boosts ordinary productivity.

* The figures and quote are taken from the EU report on health and safety in Europe.

The Newton Range 

The Newton family comprises lifters of different sizes and with different lifting capacities This makes it simple to find a Newton model to suit any setting – office, shop, restaurant, workshop, stockroom, library, industrial plant …

The smallest Newton model is light and versatile, but can still lift up to 50 kg. The biggest model is a true heavyweight that can handle loads of up to 250 kg. Between these two, there are three other models to choose from.

Closely related to the Newton family are the Reflex lifters that have been specially designed to withstand tough tasks in all kinds of environments. The Reflex models are made of stainless steel and particularly resistant to chemicals.

Newton Lifter Accessories

netwon spigot lifter

Newton Ergonomic Lifter shown using the Spigot attachment for rolls of labels.

Milk platform

Simple and convenient handling in the kitchen. Easily lifts 20-litre packs of milk, for instance.

Roll turner

An expander for turning rolls of material back and forth between vertical and horizontal position.

Fold-away platform

A combination of a fold-away platform and a fork for canteens or trays, for example, greatly expand the area of use of the lifter.

Document holder

Keeps important or relevant documents in the right place.

Single bar

Spigot for Rolls, tyres, sacks … Lifts everything with a hole or a hook.

Crane arm

A crane arm with a hook that is simple to use to lift items from a pallet or directly from the floor. Max. 100 kg


A versatile tool for both pallet style items and can be used with cylindrical objects.

Stainless steel sheet

A removable stainless steel panel can easily replace the standard plastic platform.

Roller platform

The easy way to load and unload heavy goods. With load-fixing mechanism.

EU fork

An attachment designed for EU standard boxes.

Grip and rotate unit

Lifts and turns large buckets, gas cylinders and other cylindrical items.

Manual roll and barrel turner

The simple and versatile way to lift and turn barrels and rolls of material. Dia. 200–400 mm, max. load capacity 120 kg.

 V-block for rolls

The V-block is ideal for safely handling rolls of material. The block can also be rotated to different positions.

Load pallet

Profiled and corrugated loading panel of 3 mm aluminium. Full pallets can be dealt with from all four sides by the truck. Half pallets are lifted from the long side. The recommended max. load for a full pallet is 1,500 kg on the floor and 1,000 kg when stacked.

Please contact Merlin Industrial if you have an application that you feel the Newton Ergonomic Lifter can help with.

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