Traverse Pallet Trucks for the UK

Traverse pallet trucks allow for easy turning and can move 90 degrees within the pallet trucks length. For anyone that has struggled to manoeuvre a pallet truck around a tight bend this sideways moving pallet truck is the solution.

Traverse Pallet Trucks
Model GN505T Width over forks 520mm
Model GN506T Width over forks 685mm

Product Information

  • Innovative unit which can be used as a standard pallet truck and also to traverse at a 90° angle.
  • Load capacity: Normal mode: 2000kg. Traverse mode: 1000kg.
  • Fork height: Normal mode: 85-180mm. Traverse mode: 185-205mm.
  • Fork Width: 160m
  • Fork length: 1000mm
  • Manufactured and approved to European GS standards.
  • 180 x 50mm Black nylon steering wheels
  • 80 x 70mm Black nylon front rollers