Galvanised pallet truck ideal for corrosive areas that would rust a normal pallet truck.  Capacity 2000kg and in two sizes.

Galvanised Pallet Truck
  1. Model GN607G Width over forks 520mm
  2. Model GN608G Width over forks 685mm

Product Information

  • Ideal for use outdoors and in damp condition areas.
  • Load capacity 2000kg.
  • Fork height 85-200mm.
  • Fork Width 160mm.
  • Fork Length 1000mm
  • Galvanised for Corrosion resistance.
  • Both models are complete with entry and exit rollers.
  • Manufactured and approved to European GS standards.
  • 180 x 50mm Black Nylon steering wheels
  • 80 x 70mm Black nylon front rollers
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