We have a very wide range of specialist Pallet trucks with extra heavy duty, adjustable forks, single forks and pallet trucks for reels and drums amongst the models listed below along with guide prices to help you budget the costs. Please note that to offer the best price we would need the model and specifications you require.  Special pallet trucks are normally on a 8 to 10 week lead time.

8 ton heavy duty pallet truck

High Lift Pallet Trucks

High lift pallet truck

Product code: LLT20/280H


Capacity:2000 kg

Length of forks:

From 800 to 2000 mm

Width over forks:

From 520 to 1000 mm

Approx. weight:130 kg

Lowered fork height:85 mm

Raised fork height:280 mm

Wheels: Polyurethane


This pallet truck can lift up to 2000 kg from 85 mm to 280 mm.


It is available in various fork sizes.


Special lift heights (from 100 mm to 300 mm) are available on request.


Pallet Truck With Folding Frame

Pallet truck with folding frame

Product code: LLT23 SF



2300 or 3000 kg

Length of forks:

600 to 1500 mm

Width over forks:

350 to 1200 mm

Approx. weight:

90-150 kg

Lowered fork height:85 mm

Raised fork height:205 mm


Polyurethane, Nylon, Rubber or Steel


This specially designed pallet truck comes with a back frame that can be raised into a vertical position for the purpose of supporting pallet loads and keeping loads well balanced. It can also be used along with a load strap to ensure heavy and unstable loads are kept in place.


When the frame is in its folded state it increases the lowered height of the pallet truck.


We can design and manufacture bespoke versions of this pallet truck for you. Please contact us with your requirements.


Explosion Proof / ATEX approved Pallet Truck

explosion proof pallet truck

Product code: LLT-ATEX



1000 - 5000 kg

Length of forks:

up to 3000 mm

Width over forks:

up to 3000 mm


We can offer ATEX approved pallet trucks with standard or special forks. Capacities can range from 1000kg to 5000kg.


These ATEX approved pallet trucks are suitable for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere ATEX Zone 1. The protection rating is Ex 2G, IIC, T6.


Modifications, review and assessment will include but are not limited to: BS EN 13463-1:2009 and BS EN 13463-5:2003.


Please contact us for more information and accurate pricing.


Extra Long or Short Pallet Trucks

short and extra long pallet trucks

Product code: MA20 or LLT23



2000, 2500 or 3000 kg

Length of forks:

500-4000 mm

Width over forks:

160-2500 mm

Lowered fork height:

51, 75, 85 or 90 mm



Pallet Trucks with fork lengths up to 3000 mm in stock!


We can offer all standard and special sizes of pallet trucks. Many from stock. Please contact us for more information.


Extra Wide or Narrow Pallet Trucks

extra wide pallet truck

Product code: LLT23



2300 or 3000 kg

Length of forks:

500 - 4000 mm

Width over forks:

300 - 2500 mm

Lowered fork height:

51, 75 or 85 mm


Nylon, Polyurethane, Rubber, Alloy, Steel


The LLT23 hand pallet truck can be supplied in any fork size. We can offer widths from 160 mm (single fork) right up to 2500 mm across forks. The fork lengths can be from 500 to 4000 mm. Please contact us with your requirements.


- Any size available

- Strong, heavy duty construction

- European manufacture

- Larger capacity specials are also available

Download the LLT23 Specification sheet


Pallet Truck with a Single Wide Fork

pallet truck with single fork


Product code: LLT10SWF



1000 - 3000 kg

Length of forks:

540 - 1000 mm

Width over forks:

230 - 320 mm

Fork heights 2 x options

  1. 51 to 170 mm
  2. 85 to 205 mm


Truck fitted with balancing spring loaded castors. Special fork sizes available.


We can manufacture our LLT23 pallet trucks with a single fork. The pallet truck has balancing wheels near the hydraulic pump. Each wheel is spring loaded and easily swivels inside the bracket. The single fork pallet truck can be supplied in different lengths and is ideal for special very narrow pallets or special applications, such as for use with bunds and stillage's.


pallet truck with single narrow fork


Product code: LLT10SNF


Capacity:1000 kg

Length of forks:

500 - 1800 mm

Width over forks:160 mm

Lowered fork height:

51 or 85 mm


Super Wide Hand Pallet Truck

super wide pallet truck


Product code: LLT23-SW


Capacity:2300 kg

Length of forks:

500 - 2000 mm

Width over forks:

1500 - 3000 mm

Lowered fork height:86 mm

Raised fork height:205 mm


We can now offer super wide pallet trucks with widths from 1500 to 3000 mm across the forks.


We offer additional stabilising castors near the fork heels.


The capacity can be maintained at 2000 or even 2300 kg


Please contact us for more information or for a quote.


Four Way Direction Pallet Truck

four way pallet truck


Product code: MA15/4W and LLT23/4W



1500 or 2300 kg

Length of forks:1150 mm

Width over forks:540 mm

Approx. weight:110 kg

Lowered fork height:85 mm

Raised fork height:205 mm


Polyurethane, Nylon or Steel



Special sizes available


The LiftMate four way pallet truck is a truly innovative product. It can not only be used as a standard pallet truck, but can also traverse at a 90° angle.

This means that the pallet truck is able to move from side to side as well as forwards and backwards.

Four way directional movement enables the truck to carry out a wider variety of tasks, such as working in narrow aisles where there may be difficulty in manoeuvring the vehicle.

2300kg capacity as well as special sizes are available - please contact us for more information and prices.


Reel Carrying Pallet Truck with Bevelled Forks

reel carrying pallet truck with bevelled forks


Product code: LLT23BF



2300 or 3000 kg

Length of forks:

600 - 2500 mm

Width over forks:

up to 1500 mm


Nylon, Polyurethane, Steel, Rubber, Alloy



Can be manufactured for reels up to 2300mm in dia.


Our popular heavy duty LLT23 pallet truck model can be made with angled forks suitable for handling rolls and reels.

With the use of inside flaps we can offer a single pallet truck suitable for very wide ranges of reel diameters.

The LLT23BF reel trucks are very strong and heavy duty.

When enquiring please state reel diameter(s) and length of reel/roll.


Reel Dispensing Truck

reel dispensing pallet truck


Product code: LLT23 ORD



500 - 2300 kg

Length of forks:

600 - 2000 mm

Width over forks:

600 - 1500 mm



Adjustable or fixed reel brackets. Multiple brackets also possible

A special version of our LLT23 hand pallet truck model fitted with reel spindle holding brackets. This type of pallet truck is used to pick up paper reels, foil, cable or wire rope flanges and raise them slightly off the ground to allow for easy dispensing. This model has a parking foot brake fitted to keep the machine stationary whilst dispensing is taking place.

Special versions of this unit can be manufactured to suit your reels. Please contact us for further details


Sit-on Low Profile Powered pallet Truck

sit on low profile electric pallet truck


Product code: NF15/20 AP SOB



1000 - 2000 kg

Length of forks:

1000 - 2500 mm

Width over forks:

540 - 1500 mm

Approx. weight: 1000 kg

Lowered fork height: 51 mm

Raised fork height: 170 mm


24V / 210Ah (or as required)



This is an example of a sit-on powered pallet truck with special 51mm lowered height forks. We can manufacture these machines with forks and capacities to suit your application.


Heavy Duty Pallet Truck with Adjustable Forks

pallet truck with adjustable width forks


Product code: PTA22


Capacity: 2200 kg

Length of forks:

910, 1060 or 1160 mm

Width over forks:

400-520 or 530-680 mm

Approx. weight: 96 kg

Lowered fork height:76 mm

Raised fork height:196 mm



Fork width is adjusted manually. Adjusting the fork width takes approximately three minutes. Click on 'PTA22 - Instructions for adjusting forks.pdf' for further details.

A revolutionary hand pallet truck design - with adjustable forks.

- Move all your pallets with one pallet truck instead of two or even three!

- Ideal for applications where more then one type of pallet is used

- Great for special/unusual sized pallets thanks to "infinite" adjustment

- Available in three fork lengths and two fork width ranges

- Polyurethane wheels fitted as standard

- Supplied with single load rollers, tandem available on request

The 76 mm lowered height makes this pallet truck a "semi-low profile" pallet truck. This allows it to fit into many special lower pallets, for example those coming from the US or the Far East.

If you are unsure about what type of pallet truck you require for your particular application, please contact us


Extra Heavy Duty Pallet Truck

extra heavy duty pallet truck


Product code: LM-SPECIAL



5000 - 10000 kg

Length of forks:

1000 - 5000 mm

Width over forks:

580 - 1500 mm



All special sizes available, please contact us with your requirements


Event Seating Moving Truck

event seating pallet truck


Product code: LLT-RSTI


Capacity: 2000 kg

Length of forks: 1220 mm

Width over forks: 1100 mm

Lowered fork height: 160 mm

Raised fork height: 290 mm



Special versions can be manufactured.


This is a special version of our LLT23 pallet truck model. Each chassis is raised and floats on a sub-frame with swivel castors. This allows a pair of these trucks to raise folding seating up and move it sideways. This is particularly useful when exhibition or arena halls have narrow gates


Drum Lifter and Transporter Pallet Ruck

drum lifter pallet truck


Product code: LDT365


Capacity: 365 kg





Ideal for lifting of 205 litre steel drums. Pallet truck type pump design.

Trolley for lifting and transporting drums

The design of this drum trolley is based on a small hand pallet truck. The drum truck uses a hydraulic pump to first clamp and then lift a standard 205 litre steel drum.

The clamp remains open when the drum truck is in the lowered position. Operating the pump (pumping the handle) closes the clamp to lift the drum.

The LDT365 drum truck can lift drums weighing up to 365kg.

Truck fitted with nylon wheels.

Powder coated in blue.


Silent  Pallet Truck

silent pallet truck


Product code: LDPS


Capacity: 2000 kg

Length of forks:

600, 810, 915, 970, 1066, 1140, 1220, 1520, 1800, 2000, 2400* mm

Width over forks:

520, 680 mm

Lowered fork height:85 mm

Raised fork height:205 mm


Solid rubber



2400 mm fork length has a reduced capacity of 1500 kg

Environment friendly 2000 kg capacity pallet truck designed with special rubber wheels for noiseless and easy transport of pallets.

Ideal for supermarkets and DIY stores.



- Soft non-marking rubber steer wheels and load rollers

- Rubber wheels are gentle to the floor and flagstone layer

- Designed with permanent quick lift

- Compact design allows for easy manoeuvrability in confined areas

- Very short length behind the forks

- Fitted with tandem load rollers

- Ergonomic handle design

- Metallic chips, small stones, snow etc. do not stick to the wheels

- Hoop skates on forks ensure easy pallet entry and withdrawal