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Plastic roll cages designed for industry with easy to clean surfaces and manufactured using an anti-microbial additive so the roll cages are naturally resistant to bugs. Also the plastic roll cages have no sharp edges and will not corrode. The models at the bottom of this page can have towing facilities fitted (IDC514).

plastic roll cages

Incredibly strong and totally recyclable the plastic roll cage is available in the standard and double sized models and a wide range of colours to choose from allowing for different colour roll cages for different areas or uses.

plastic roll cages different colours

Rollet Specifications and Dimensions

Available in three and four sides with slots to allow for easier securing of loads. The standard castors sound reducing polyurethane and, with the plastic sides and bases reduce the rattling normally associated with standard metal roll cages so possibly appeasing neighbours and allowing a better environment for warehouse staff.

plastic roll cages on the move

The strong and resilient plastic sides and base weigh just 40 kg in the standard 1500 mm height model, and they can be flat-packed and stored for easier transport when empty.

plastic roll cages pressure washed

Ant-bacterial, capable of being pressure washed the plastic roll cage offers a multitude of benefits over the older metal standard model widely in use today. Please consider the new model when updating your roll cages.

For larger quantities you can have your own logo moulded into the side panels.

The single plastic roll cage has a loading capacity of 400 kg

Internal shelves have a UDL capacity of 40 kg

Internal Dimensions
635 mm W x 740 mm D x 1555 mm High

External Dimensions
715 mm x 900 mm D x 1795 / 1820 mm High

The double plastic roll cage has a loading capacity of 800 kg

Because of its modular design, users can “choose” their own configuration:

Units can be comprised of three or four sides.

Panels are available in two different heights – 1200 mm or 1500 mm, choose the one to suit your storage facility or vehicle requirements.
Two single plastic cages can be connected to form a “Double” or “Combo” unit, without compromising the ease of use.

double plastic rollcage


  • Revolutionary demountable plastic cages with huge benefits over existing steel cages
  • Hygienic and easy to clean, and can have anti-microbial additive
  • Light and quiet for handling products
  • Made from highly durable self-coloured plastic which is maintenance-free.
  • Easy and safe to use, with no jagged edges, and will not rust
  • Can be locked securely
  • Ideal for use with x-ray scanning
  • Easy to recycle at the end of its life

blue 4 sided plastic rollcage

Benefits of the Plastic Roll cages

  • Plastic Composition making it hygienic, easy to clean and rust-free.
  • Easy and Safe to use - units are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, with smooth moulded handles and no jagged edges.
    Quiet - with durable sound-reduction PU castors fitted as standard.
  • These combined with the plastic panels considerably reduces the “rattling” associated with metal cages.
    Hinged Stable Door, each with its own independent locking mechanism, allowing for split “compartment” deliveries or additional security within the one unit using the optional shelf.
  • Steel Z-Frame Base to allow nesting of empty units for efficient storage and return logistics.
  • Reduce your roll cage fleet wastage due to theft or loss by having your units manufactured in your corporate colours

 Rotationally Moulded Plastic Roll cages

idc514 open plastic roll container

Rotationally Moulded Plastic Cage, manufactured from Virgin M.D.P.E. in a range of colours

Dimensions :

730mm wide x 800mm deep x 1610mm high

(o/h standard castors 1770mm) Capacity : 945 litres

idc514 closed roll container

Ask for product code IDC514


  • PVC turn button front cover complete with document pocket
  • Standard Castors 125 mm dia Nylon Fixed & Swivel (Other options available) • Two or three aluminium shelves
  • Two external plastic handles
  • Robust strong design
  • Hygienically easy to clean / disinfect
  • Sloping roof (front to back)
  • Lighter and easier to manoeuvre than it’s metal counterpart
  • Will not rust
  • Open front provides ease of access
  • Push / Pull handles fitted

Optional Extras

  • Company logo moulded into Plastic Body
  • Company logo screen printed onto Covers
  • Towing systems fitted
  • Internal garment rail

2019 Roll Cage Prices

New to the industry a self levelling unit within a plastic roll cage.

Model CLMLC503


Download the CLMLC503 Specifications here

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