Two way sack truck that can be used in the horizontal and vertical positions depending on the load requirements. The large 250mm (10 inch) wheels make quick work of uneven ground when in the vertical position and for travelling across warehouse floors the smaller jockey wheels turn the sack truck in to a useful trolley.

Two Way Truck

Stair climbing sack truck with wide toe plate of 410 mm designed to safely carry loads up and down stairs of up to 50kg. Comes complete with the strap making the stairclimber truck easily used by one person. For hevier loads please see the model below with a capacity on the stairs of 150 kg.

GI360Y wide starirclimber empty

Specifically designed for fridges, washing machines and other household items this "P" handled sack truck with its large pneumatic wheels and protective strips that protect the goods from scratches can also be used as a normal sack truck when not needed for "White Goods".

White Goods Sack Truck