Ackerman style truck built using an Ackerman Type Steering Mechanism with a flat platform bed measuring 1500 x 800 standing nominally 485mm tall capable of carrying 750kg on hard wheels

Ackerman Truck

Fixed height trolleys with middle shelves that can be adjusted in height and that can be smooth or lipped and can be altered quickly to suit various applications. With a load capacity of 150 kg and a comfortable handle these trolleys are suitable in a wide range of areas.

TI357Y Trolley

Product Information

Trailing trolleys has never been as fun or accurate. Weave your way around obstacles in the busy workplace and trail longer lines of trolleys with complete confidence.

multi steer trolleys

Aluminium Folding Platform Truck available in 3 working days provide a lightweight and sturdy platform to move up to 300 kg around easily. When not in use the handles fold flat as shown below. Weighing just 19 kg the platform/trolley can be stored in a boot leaving room for other items.

aluminium folded platform truck

Aluminium Three Way Truck, Lightweight Aluminium transformer sack truck, platform truck and four wheeled sack truck.

GI935P aluminium three way sack truck


A range of specialist anti-static or ESD trolleys designed for the safe transportation of SSD Static Sensitive Devices. The adjustable reel holder trolley is compatible with SMD reels, and suitable for transport and stocking of them. All parts are powder coated steel, RAL 7035 ESD

ATV tipping trailers (All Terrain Vehicles) are designed and mainly used by busy farmers looking for faster and safer ways of moving cattle and feed across varied terrain quickly and more easily using just one person. The tipping trailers we show here are all agricultural quality and manufactured within the EU and some are designed to work with quad bikes.

ATV Trailer for quad bikes

Available in two capacities 80 and 125 litres. It’s perfect for a wide variety of gardening tasks but specially suited for moving garden waste. The tray tips for easy removal of gardening waste and large pneumatic wheels ensures ease of use over the roughest of terrains. Video below.

ti207b atv plastic trolley

An all welded steel base frame with an 18mm exterior grade plywood deck and diamond wheeled configuration,offers a highly manoeuvrable platform. End frames are in tubular steel. The end and side panels are in either 50mm x 50mm x 10ga welded mesh, or 9mm exterior grade plywood.



Black Plastic Service Trolleys

Black Service Trolleys

Mobile shelving and transportation system for warehouses that are similar to roll cages but offer better security and strength and are designed for workshop storage and work in transportation. 

boxwell animated trolley

Popular canteen trolley that has wood edges on three sides and two shelf levels. The canteen trolleys come with two choices of finishes that are either vinyl or melamine. Cushion rubber tyres keep the tea trolley from making too much noise on harder surfaces.

Canteen Shelf Trolleys

Canteen Shelf Truck Closed on Three Sides finishes in either melamine or vinyl for easy collection and transport of canteen trays in dining areas.

TT3343 tray trolley closed on three sides

Folding Canvas Linen / Laundry Trolleys
Laundry Trolleys

Our chassis trucks are an ideal health and safety product as they enable you to transport heavy loads with minimum effort. The tanks are moulded in food grade polyethylene meaning that the chassis trucks can be used in food related environments. Several sizes are available, and all orders are despatched within 15 working days from receipt of order. Tanks are only available in natural, frames are only available in blue.

Chrome mesh order picking trolleys are specifically designed for loading, transporting and unloading boxes and packages of different shapes, sizes and weights and offer flat and tilted shelving in an attractive and hard wearing chrome steel mesh.

PT1848T1 picking trolley

Attractive Chrome Plated Wire Mesh Tray Trolley ideal for offices and mail rooms.

Chrome Plated Wire Tray Trolley

Chrome Plated Wire Shelf Trolleys with a capacity of 200kg

Chrome Plated Wire Trolleys

Steel shopping type trolley frame that holds plastic containers and can be used in a variety of ways. Please note that as of 2014 the larger container is no longer available and the trolley now takes four of the smaller ones.

GC4102 container carrier

Compact Crawler Stair Climber Designed to easily mount kerbs and steps

Crawler Stairclimber

Customised Linen Trolleys

Deep Lipped Grey Plastic Shelf Trolleys

GI627L-and-GI637L plastic trolleys

Distribution Container Carriers are supplied empty to use with your own plastic containers or with the containers as pictured below.  Easy steer wheels provide increased mobility in tight spaces. The distribution containers can then be loaded or stored depending on your requirements. Please note that we can supply the containers as well.

CT03 distribution trolley frame

Mail, files and parcel distribution trolleys with choice of baskets and ideal for hospitals, mail rooms and large offices.

Distribution Trolleys

Distribution Trucks and Trolleys are designed to carry various equipment safely and quickly around busy warehouses and stores. Manufactured here in the UK our distribution trolleys offer simple and effective designs that will offer years of reliability.

heavy duty distribution trolley

A light weight plastic trolley that folds down flat as well as the containers so that it can be stored in a car boot or office when not in use.  The trolley weighs just 7kg the two containers can carry a combined weight of 60kg.

Clever Folding Trolley

Economy Turntable Trucks Exterior Quality Plywood Platform

Turntable trucks with plywood platforms

ERGOBJÖRN producing Trolleys since 1958

Easy to operate in narrow aisles these 24 volt electric picking trucks offer a complete solution for distribution companies.  Small turn radius allows for more compact storage and greater savings.  A single operator can now drive, reach and collect / store parts and products.
 Electric Picking Trucks

This range of electric platform trucks is powered by twin 12V batteries with a 24V series wound motor. Advanced electronics are enhanced with ‘finger tip’ butterfly controls, making it smooth, safe and simple to drive. An inbuilt electro-magnetic brake, ‘anti crush’ button and horn are included for added safety. The almost silent operation and absence of exhaust fumes reinforces its claim to be Environmentally Friendly. The standard choice offers Tiller or Castor steering with 4 sizes of platform in either timber or rubber covered plywood. On site evaluation by customer can be arranged.


Our standard model is fitted with six wheels (centre pair driven) for very tight manoeuvrability on flat surfaced floors. Our four wheel model is front wheel drive and suitable for use on hard uneven surfaces. Models are fitted with two variable speed 24 volt permanent magnet direct drive electric motors, powered by two 74 amp Dry Cell batteries which provide ample power for all day use. Forward and reverse movement – braking is by permanent magnet electric motor.

Andy Truck

Dollies, Skates and Bogeys are all terms for a device to carry items manually around a workplace. We have three designs covering Drums, Pallets and bakery containers. As well as standard models you can have a customised model manufactured in Devon UK.

A range of dollies, skates and bogeys manufactured in the UK

Fibreglass Trolleys - Non Porous and Stain Resistant suitable for industrial applications.

Glass fibre trolleys

Foldable - Extending Handle Lightweight Trolleys

Foldable - Extendable Lightweight Trolleys

Folding Plastic Trolley with PVC sack
Folding Laundry Trolley

Folding Shelf Truck with a capacity of 100kg

Folding Shelf Truck

Padded Furniture Skate Dollies ideal for auction houses and for moving antique and other valuable items eliminating scratches and damage.

Furniture Trolley

A range of furniture related trucks and trolleys specifically designed for the handling of bulky and awkward items in the retail and wholesale trade. Chairs and Settees, carpets and Beds require specialist trolleys to allow for the safe transportation of furniture around a shop or warehouse and some furniture trolleys provide a way of marketing three piece suites as shown below.


 sofa trolleys

Galvanised Platform Truck with a capacity of 300kg

Galvanised Platform Truck

Green Plastic Platform Truck

Plastic Platform Truck