All wheel steering system for trolleys

Trailing trolleys has never been as fun or accurate. Weave your way around obstacles in the busy workplace and trail longer lines of trolleys with complete confidence.

multi steer trolleys


Up to 8 trolleys can be towed with absolute precision at a time.

The modular steering system has the added benefit of being a retrospective fit allowing you to change your existing trolleys saving costs.

new multisteer trolleys

Alternatively we can supply the whole frame and trolley to suit your application.

new trolley wheels breakdown

All 4 fixed castors and steering system are calculated so that they have their own individual geometric angle, meaning that they steer independently.
This has the effect of drastically reducing the space required in your production or warehouse facility.

One person can now tow / trail more assembly parts.

Video showing how the system works.

Now available from Merlin Industrial Products Ltd