Aluminium Three Way Truck

Aluminium Three Way Truck, Lightweight Aluminium transformer sack truck, platform truck and four-wheeled sack truck. Easily converts from a basic sack truck to a 4 wheel sack truck or platform truck. 3 to 4 working day delivery.

GI935P aluminium three way sack truck


Aluminium Three Way Truck

Product Information

  • Maximum Load: 350kg.
  • Easily and quickly converts from basic sack truck to four-wheel sack truck or platform truck
  • Height x Length as Platform Truck: 1030 x 1180mm
  • Horizontal Load Height:  270mm
  • Height x Length as 4 Wheel Sack Truck: 1030 x 1130mm
  • Height as basic Sack Truck: 1310mm
  • Fitted with 2 x 245mm pneumatic wheels and 2 x 125mm rubber tyred swivel castors

Toe Plate Size W x D mm
Weight kg
450 x 230

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