Dollies, Skates and Bogeys are all terms for a device to carry items manually around a workplace. We have three designs covering Drums, Pallets and bakery containers. As well as standard models you can have a customised model manufactured in Devon UK.

A range of dollies, skates and bogeys manufactured in the UK

Drum Dolly


Our standard 210 litre drum / barrel dolly allows the easy movement of both plastic and steel, oil or chemical drums. Simple load the drum onto the circular base and the drum becomes immediately portable. Recommend for moving Oil Drums and Chemical Drums.


Drum Dolly Specifications

Capacity       300kg

Length          619 mm

Width           619 mm

Wheel Size    75mm

Wheel Type    Solid

Weight           10kg


Pallet Dolly

Pallet Dolly

Pallet Dollies from the made to order dollys range, we are now supplying a dolly specifically designed to hold pallets.

With a whopping capacity of 1000 KG (or 500 kg), the new Pallet Dolly can handle all pallets types. Reduce the need for pallet trucks or forklifts with this great, simple dolly.

Available to fit either Euro Pallets or UK GKN pallets.

Lead time is normally 3 to 4 weeks


Aluminium Pallet Dolly

lightweight pallet dolly


As well as the fabricated steel pallet dollies shown at the top of this page we also have a lightweight aluminium model.


Available for 1200 x 800 and 1200 x 1000 mm Eurpo pallets.

Minimum order Quantity = 5

1200 x 800 Model has a weight capacity of 300 kg

1200 x 1000 Model has a weight capacity of 250kg


Standard Lead time is 7 to 10 Working days and these are supplied in boxes of 5


Pallet Dolly Specifications

Capacity                  500KG / 1000kg

Length (Internal)       1200mm

Width (Internal)         800mm or 1000mm

Wheel Size               200mm

Wheel Style             4x Swivel Castors


Bakers Dolly

bakery dolly

The Bakery dolly from the Made-To-Order Dolly range, suited for Bread Baskets and trays.

Manufactured to fit a any of sizes of Bread Baskets.

Please be aware, that as this is a manufactured product, it can be made to your exact specifications, should you require a different size to those that are listed here, please give us a call and we will happy to quote accordingly.


Bakery Dolly Specifications

Capacity       300kg

Length          750mm, 762mm, 788mm or 772mm

Width            508mm, 617mm, 627mm

Wheel Size    150mm

Wheel Type   White Nylon


We also have the world leading Mini Moove Dollies manufactured in Denmark here

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