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Multi Purpose Low Load Turntable Trucks

Multi Purpose Low Load Turntable Trucks

Plastic tipping skips in a steel frame with handles to allow for easy emptying of either waste or ingredients. The larger front wheels allow for a wheelbarrow type action and the smaller rear castors help move the tipper truck around a factory / warehouse when full. The new structural foam plastic tipping skips dispense with the frames and offer moulded handles.

heavy duty plastic tipping truck


These robust and heavy duty mobile plastic storage containers / trucks are used in a wide range of environments such as warehouses, factories, laundry's and hospitals. 


The plasterboard carrier called the "LoadALL" is a unique tool, designed for storing and transporting plasterboard and other large sheets of materials, and is the first manufactured in the UK market which can be folded down and stacked when not in use. Now available in three models with 750, 1000 and 1500 kg capacities.

LA Plasterboard trolley

A range of plywood platform trucks with various side configurations that offer an economical way of transporting items up to a total weight of 500kg.

Platform Trucks - Budget Range

Plastic Based Trucks capacity 500kg

Plastic Based Trucks

Post Distribution Trolley Stair Climber for carrying mail and documents up and down stairs.

Post Distribution Stair Climber Trolley

The plastic container trucks with handles are a new addition to the many trucks and trolleys already supplied by Merlin Industrial Products. Designed to help in manual handling and to offer the additional safety benefits from a higher handle and moulded well for clipboards and paperwork so that the operator does not need to bend over.

mobile plastic truck with handle in action

Wire mesh post room trolley with 6 compartments at the top and a wire tray at the base for parcels and longer packages.

Post Room and Mobile Sorting Trolley

Plastic dollies come in different sizes and capacities and now we have the fully interlocking plastic dolly that can be linked at the ends and the sides as well as being able to be stacked 10 high. As well as the standard plastic dollies we now have a bunded range so that 205 litre drums can be wheeled around without worrying about spillages.

interlocking plastic dollies 600px

Plastic Industrial Fixed Body Wheel Barrows are designed for extended use around farms and heavy duty applications and are available in three 250 litre capacity models offering various advantages.The narrow model has been designed to fit through a standard doorway whilst offering the same capacity as the other models.

plastic fixed body industrial wheelbarrows

Red Plastic Based Trucks capacity 500kg

Red Plastic Based Trucks

Plastic Open Fronted Order Picking Trucks with moulded drop side access for comfortable loading and unloading. These units can be used for waste or for the easy distribution of products and stock around a busy warehouse or production line. Available in a choice of colours and manufactured in the UK.

plastic order picking trucks

Reversible Tray Trolley capacity 150kg

Reversible Tray

Plastic Platform Trolleys with a loading capacity of 200kg

Plastic Platform Trolleys

Rough Terrain Mesh Platform Trucks can be used outside on the rough ground or inside a warehouse for ease of manoeuvrability with their larger than normal wheels. Merlin has several models that are also Reach compliant.

TI120R trucks with mesh sides base

Self levelling trucks and trolleys have a spring loaded platform that lowers when weight is placed on it and raises when the weight is lifted.  Ideal for loading and unloading applications as you no longer need to reach to the bottom of the trolley for the last items making handling items much more ergonomic. 

self levelling trolleys

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