Self levelling trucks and trolleys have a spring loaded platform that lowers when weight is placed on it and raises when the weight is lifted.  Ideal for loading and unloading applications as you no longer need to reach to the bottom of the trolley for the last items making handling items much more ergonomic. With the new manufactured to order range we now supply the widest range of SLT's in Europe.

self levelling trolleys

A range of trolleys with various shelf configuration to suit a variety of industrial and commercial applications. All bases are framed in angle with 18mm exterior grade plywood shelves. All shelves are removable on Model Numbers.GT6002 to GT6027.

GT6000 AND GT6001

Shelf Trucks Budget Range

Shelf Trucks Budget Range

Picture above shows model PI303Y

Steel gas cylinder trolleys complete with retaining chain and solid rubber tyres. Designed for small and tall gas cylinders from 7kg up to 47kg bottles.

With the Health Technical Memorandum 71 or HTM71 for short the hospitals and clinics across the UK now use the same size trays of 600 x 400 mm with various depths. Merlin can provide a wide range of mobile storage options for all parts of the health industry and in stainless steel which, unlike HDPE, LDPE, PET, PETG plastics is safe to use in an autoclave.

stainless steel fabrication close up

Steel Mesh Platform Truck with a load capacity of 250kg

Platform Truck

A small bench on four wheels (two swivel castors with brakes and two fixed castors). Constructed from the same materials as our larger benches, the tool trolley is available in four versions, all include bottom shelf and vice plate.

Tool Trolleys

Step tray trolleys that include a range of manual order picking tray trolleys with built in steps that allow a single operator to pick items at various heights and then take them to the dispatch or to the production area. Spring loaded castors provide a safe access platform when the operator treads on the steps.

S193 5 Step Tray Trolley

An excellent aid for adding and/or removing items whilst picking goods in shops and warehouses. The steps extend 60 cm above floor level, facilitating picking up to a height of 2.5 m. Four 125x32 mm ball bearing swivel wheels with grey rubber tyres that leave no skid-marks. Pen tray and memo board included.

The straight sided trucks are ideal for applications that require maximum internal loading capacity, for example when moving boxes within a warehouse. They are manufactured from medium density food grade polyethylene and we offer a huge range of sizes, all of which are available in our full colour range. Each trucks is fitted with a plywood base.

Straight Sided Plastic Trucks

Sturdy Platform Trucks with a load capacity of 500kg

Sturdy Platform Trucks

The stackable tapered trucks are our longest established range of trucks. Manufactured from medium density food grade polyethylene, we offer a huge range of sizes, most of which are available with lids. Most of these trucks will stack 5 high offering advantages for transport, and most are fitted with plywood bases for additional strength. For food environments, where plywood may not be acceptable, we offer plastic or galvanised bases at an extra cost. Our full colour range is available and our standard lead time is 10 working days despatch from receipt of order.

Tapered Plastic Trucks

Three Shelf Plastic Hygiene Trolley with a load capacity of 130kg

3 Way Convertible Trolley - Sides can be pivoted to form one or two shelves

Available in 3 sizes, the tidy trucks are ideal for mobile order picking and safe storage of ingredients or components. The split lid guarantees no product contamination, and each truck is fitted with a steel support plate on the base for addition strength. Manufactured in medium density food grade polyethylene, the trucks are available in our full colour range although the lids are always black. All trucks are dispatched within 10 working days from receipt of order.

The tote truck is ideal for use in factories, retail outlets and outdoor environments. Manufactured from medium density food grade polyethylene, the truck is stackable, nestable and fork lift able, making it a unique highly versatile addition to any shop floor. It has a very large 400 litre capacity and comes complete with either a hinged or flat drop on lid. Our standard colour is yellow, however other colours are available on special request. All trucks are dispatched within 10 working days from receipt of order.


Manufactured here in the UK these trolleys and trucks cater for all applications, available in a variety of colours. Range includes:



Turntable Trucks with load capacities of 750kg to 1000kg

Turntable Trucks

Two and Three Tier Trolleys with Flat pressed steel base with PVC surface, all round buffering to protect walls & doors. Designed for an office environment for moving various items around busy offices with easy handles and better aesthetics than our industrial shelf trolleys.

Office 2 tier trolleys 600px

Two and Three Tier Workshop Trolleys with a load capacity of 250kg. Utility budget price trolleys for general workshop use, Fitted with either 2 or 3 shelves with 85mm deep sides.

Two/Three Tier Workshop Trolley

Two Tray Platform Truck with a load capacity of 150kg

Two Tray Platform Truck

Model TI203B

Two Way Truck with a capacity of 250kg

Two Way Truck

Trolleys designed with the retail and wholesale trade in mind to make order picking and distribution easier and faster. Model IP162 turns in its own length for restricted aisles. Model IP1633 is nestable, allowing 100 trolleys to be stored in the space of 27 standard trolleys.


Wheelbarrows are a great tool for gardeners and anyone needing to transport loads over uneven ground.  The models below are mostly industrial though we do have some DIY models.  Materials range from Steel to Plastic depending on where and what you need to carry.

Green Mucker Plastic Wheelbarrow – 90 litre / 120kg capacity

Wide Stair Climber with a capacity of 120kg

Wooden Deck Trolley with a capacity of 150kg

Wooden Deck Trolley

Model GI110Y