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  1. Cloakroom Units

    Our Cloakroom furniture systems are now available within 7 days for most sizes and faster on our most popular coat hanging units.  All the benches below are available with optional shoe baskets and are designed for schools and public changing areas. (Now with the popular unbreakable plastic coat hooks) Prices and further models listed below.

    cloakroom units with unbreakable coat hooks

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  2. Mailroom Packing Station and Accessories

    The Treston packaging bench, manufactured in Finland for many decades has been the most popular and versatile packing bench in Europe and offers height adjustability for different shifts and personnel. The TPB bench is modular and can be added to years after your first purchase, growing as your needs evolve.


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  3. Ackerman Style Trucks

    The Ackerman steering system dates back to 1817 and allows for much better manoeuvring within a tight space and is ideal for slow moving trucks and trailers with a maximum towing speed of 8 kph. Manufactured in the UK we have a good selection of towing and loop handled trailers with capacities up to 3000 kg.

    heavy duty ackerman truck

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  4. Industrial Mobile ESD Workstations

    Additional industrial and mobile worktop space is often needed in workplaces. Equipped with castors, these can be moved around easily and can also be used to transport supplies and equipment. The product family includes many models for different purposes. The Treston ESD mobile workstations are ergonomic, adaptable standing workstation.

    Concept trolley CONT705 available in ESD finish

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  5. Height Restriction Barriers

    Height restriction barriers are designed to prevent vehicles over 2050 mm from gaining access and this covers caravans and Heavy Goods Vehicles. The height barriers are useful in front of multi-storey car parks, underground parking areas and ferry ports where the early height indication stops problem later on.

    double width fixed height barrier

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  6. Industrial Drain Blockers

    Drain and Flood protection devices that include pneumatic bags and automated flaps that can be controlled manually and wirelessly. Preventing illegal run-offs in time of spillages and fire, where large amounts of water are fed into the drainage system can these drain blockers cannot only save the environment but prevent huge fines.


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  7. Plastic and GRP Kerb Ramps

    Merlin supplies a range of industrial plastic and GRP Kerb Ramps that are suitable for vehicles or handling equipment such as sack trucks and trolleys. Lightweight and strong they can easily be carried inside cars and delivery vans making them an ideal addition to any company or person needing to circumnavigate kerbs.

    GRP kerb ramp

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  8. Foam Protective Barriers

    Foam protective barriers offer an impact protection system to protect staff from corners and hard surfaces as well as protecting delicate equipment from damage by handling equipment. The edging is easily cut to size and applied and offers a lasting and highly visible protective barrier.

    head impact protection

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  9. ESD containers For The Electronic Industry

    ESD containers For The Electronic Industry that include shelf Bins ESD For The Electronic Industry along with a range of small parts containers that can be static or mobile. We also supply specialist trolleys and pallets to work with the ESD storage containers.

    treston small parts storage 600px

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  10. Importance of ESD Protection

    Invisible damage to systems on a chip, (SoC's) and various Electro Sensitive Devices(ESD's) in today's world, electronic components are handled in many working environments. It is therefore vital to ensure ESD protection, as this usually saves money and has a positive effect on product quality and longevity.

    esd protection and why its important

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