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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Merlin Industrial Products Ltd

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Plastic Coat Hooks

Plastic coat hooks as pictured below are becoming increasingly popular, as unlike the standard steel hook these are less rigid and offer more protection for children and adults. How tough are the hooks? They are 'Unbreakable' and were recently used on an adult climbing wall in Glasgow!

row of unbreakable plastic coat hooks in various colours 600px

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Dockboards and Dockplates

Dock Levellers take up the difference in height between the back of the truck and the loading dock and, depending on the wide range of models below, allowing pedestrian and forklift access to load and unload quickly and safely.

Dock levelling boards AUG 36

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Teachers Storage Walls

Educational Teacher Storage walls that have been designed to offer the maximum use of available space in schools and colleges that are looking to do more in the same area, allowing extra room for students and staff.  Our units can be used with existing equipment and storage so that costs are kept to a minimum.

green and white storage wall

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Plastic Supermarket Roll Cages

Plastic roll cages designed for industry with easy to clean surfaces and manufactured using an anti-microbial additive so the roll cages are naturally resistant to bugs. Also the plastic roll cages have no sharp edges and will not corrode.

plastic roll cages

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