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  1. Farming Chemical Storage Cabinets

    Agrochemical and Pesticide Chemical Storage Cabinets, suitable for the farming industry are fully manufactured using welded construction techniques in 0.9 mm thick Zintec steel (Corrosion resistant) with additional ventilated doors. Supplied with adjustable spillage trays and liquid tight sump tray. Doors are rebated and secured by chrome 3 way locking handles. High visibility powder coated finish with appropriate warning labels.

    agrochemical and pesticide cabinets

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  2. Flexible Conveyors

    Flexible conveyors are used in food packaging, case packing, and pharmaceutical industries where a mobile conveyor system that can be directed around obstacles has appreciable benefits. Merlin can supply both gravity and motorised flexible conveyors.


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  3. Portable Spill Containment Berms

    Portable Spill Containment Berms for safe containment of hazardous chemicals and ideal for parking tankers and vehicles on to prevent leakage entering the environment. These portable and flexible bunds can be easily carried along with the leak risk so that they are instantly available.

    Stinger Berm - Containment Pool

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  4. Fire Rated Large Stores

    These are specialist stores that have been Fire rated for 1 hour, and they come complete with internal shelving and a sump to collect any leakage. Manufactured in two sizes with the smaller one having a capacity of 72 x 25 litre containers and the larger one 108 x 25 litre containers.

    fire rated walk in stores

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  5. Mesh Partition Systems

    For security and perimeter protection steel mesh partition is an ideal tool to protect your investment whilst offering maximum visibility and airflow. Mesh partition is also perfect in factories with robots and machinery that requires easy to install guarding.


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  6. Internal / External Security Cages

    Internal and External Security Cages from Merlin Industrial Products. These bestselling ranges of UK manufactured robust steel storage cages give a secure method of storing various items. Expanded metal mesh panels will resist the most determined vandal or criminal attack. Used by various companies for the safe storage of valuable items. Quick delivery and easy to install.

    open mesh storage cages

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  7. Mast Italian Designer Furniture

    The Mast range of designer office furniture is manufactured in Italy to Claudio Bellini's designs and offers a presidential range of furniture that challenges the classical paradigm that furniture needs to be at ninety degrees. With the best materials and steel substructure the Mast range exceeds all expectations.

    Mast designer Italian office furniture

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  8. CEO Executive Office Furniture

    The CEO range of Italian manufactured executive office furniture offers a practical and comfortable work space along with exquisite touches more salient for top management and the CEO range also offers a very attractive home office option with those fortunate enough to have the space as desks start at 190 cm wide.

    CEO executive office desk range

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  9. Machine Observation Windows

    Manufactured in Switzerland these oil level glasses and machine observation windows offer the maximum available clarity, so that you can see into the machine for many years and observe flow rates, direction of flow or to check on the lubricant levels easily.

    push fit oil level windows

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  10. Anti-vibration Machine Mounts

    These anti-vibration machine mounts have been used by our sister company Meddings, for nearly 50 years to prevent vibration and also offer a levelling method for a wide range of machine tools. We can now offer this direct to companies and manufacturers in the UK and some popular mounts are shown below.

    anti-vibration mounts

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