Self-adhesive or magnetic pockets with colourful frames to give your safety signs or information impact. Available in A3, A4 and A5. Suitable for Work or Home and Video below showing examples.

Picture frame that is self-adhesive or magnetic

Ring tags are ideal for attaching signs to roll cages or where you cannot use sticky labels or rigid signs.  Designed for ease of use whilst offering maximum visibility.  The three-sided hanging sign below is a further development offering easy lane or aisle identification for large stores or warehouses.

ring tag signs

With the increasing popularity of recycling and environmental issues companies are now looking for signs to help increase staff awareness and action. We have a wide range of signs in various sizes available quickly from stock.

Janitorial and Environment Signs

Self Adhesive Labels

These self adhesive labels are available quickly from stock and come in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit any application. Ideal for racking, shelving or containers these sticky labels help reduce picking errors and assist warehouse staff in finding the correct storage location more quickly.

Adhesive Labels  for Containers and Racking

A wide range of pipe identification tapes in a range of sizes.  Tapes can be used as a centre band on 100mm wide tapes and labelled tape can be cut into individual labels offering a very cost effective pipe identification system. 

Pipeline Labels and Tapes

We can supply a wide range of tapes for packaging as shown below, these include Pipe identification, Hazardous materials and PVC tapes in a wide range of materials.  Please contact us with your requirements for a fast and competitive quotation.

Gummed Paper Tapes

Our on-line shop has a wide range of magnetic and self-adhesive pockets so that you can easily add identification labels / barcodes etc. to existing storage solutions. Ideal for warehouse identification and labelling.

Pockets for Identification Markers