This chrome wire mesh trolley has two deep baskets making it ideal for carrying parcels and goods around busy offices and shops. Excellent visibility due to the wire mesh also allows for ventilation. Please view our other chrome wire trolleys below.

Chrome Plated Wire Trolley

Our range of mailroom trolleys allow the safe and easy distribution of parcels and letters around a large organisation. As well as the standard mail trolleys we have a stairclimbing trolley that allows mail and parcels to be moved where there are no lifts and a safer solution is required.

Super Service Trolley

Reliable laminated or MDF topped mailroom benches designed for extended use and delivered fully assembled with welded frames and adjustable feet. Heights can be specified from 750 to 1000mm.

laminate Medium Duty Workbench

The Easy trolley is a  lightweight folding plastic trolley ideal for putting into the boot of a car as the trolley and containers all fold flat. The standard easy trolley comes with one folding plastic container as standard and makes an ideal mailroom trolley where space saving is an important consideration. The trolley weighs just 7kg and is easily carried when folded.

Clever Folding Trolley

Designed to make safe work of deliverying mail and small parcels up and down stairs. The baskets can also hold lateral files making the stairclimbing trolley ideal where files need to be moves around a large office.  The extra basket PB800Z fits on the back of the trolley and the two baskets on the front of the trolley come as standard.

Stairclimbing mailroom trolley 

Mail Distribution Trolleys, Popular mail, documents and parcel distribution trolleys with mesh baskets for easy visibility and large 200mm diameter wheel at the back to make moving the trolleys easier around busy workplaces.

mesh basket mailroom trolleys

Mailroom furniture including a packaging bench, steel mail lockers and a standard bench at various heights.


Introducing the Treston Packing Tables – Where efficiency meets ergonomics.


Blue Mesh mobile mailroom sorting trolley complete with six separate compartments
MT991Y Blue mesh mailroom trolley

Popular red plastic coated wire mesh pigeon hole sorting system available in 24 and 18 compartments.
Mail Sorting System


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