Adjustable packaging stations ensure that valuable and vulnerable products are packed on equipment specifically designed for the task. Manual or electrical height adjustment of worktops 760mm to 1050 mm allowing staff to sit or stand and ideal for shift changes.

packaging benches group

The Treston Packing bench is a safe and easy choice for all your packing needs! This high-quality yet affordable bench scales and grows according to your needs.

An ergonomic workstation where everything is in its place, enables faster and more accurate packing, improves safety, makes it easier to switch turns between packing personnel, and helps to create clean and less stressful atmosphere. Improved efficiency enables larger volumes with more revenue opportunities.

  • Carefully selected materials, high-quality finishing, epoxy powder-coated steel parts RAL 7035
  • Unique step-less height adjustable bench with upright modules
  • Laminate bench top, 25 mm low pressure laminate, maximum load 300 kg
  • Auxiliary products to organize the work flow available
  • Over 50 accessories and add-on products available

Packaging Benches Brochure

tp packaging bench and accessories

Example Packing Station 1

tpb998 packaging bench example 1

Packing bench TPB918 Example 1

  • Auxiliary steel shelf ASSA4
  • Lower steel shelf LSS180
  • Low M-divider hoops LDH
  • Cutter PPC180
  • Recycling material bin PRMB
  • Stacking bin set SBS4

Example Packing Station 2

tpb915 tpb918 packaging station

Packing bench TPB915/TPB918 includes:

TPB915 1500 x 900 mm

TPB918 1800 x 900 mm

   Type Description





Height adjustable Height adjustable upper steel shelf Size 310 x 1500/1800 mm. Max load 30 kg. Fixing positions for Treston lighting
units under the shelf.
 SS150  SS180

 Adjustable divider Adjustable divider hoops Five adjustable divider hoops (height
400 mm).


Height adjustable Height adjustable steel perforated panel with bin rail

Size of the panel 1419/1719 x 255

For auxiliary steel shelves and stack-ing bins. Max load 20 kg

 PP150  PP180


Auxiliary steel shelf

 Size 217 x 298 x 20 mm, for A4 paper and tape dispensers

(max 2 pcs per
shelf). Max load 3 kg.



Upper paper roll holder Height adjustable. Axle diameter 25 mm.
Max roll width 1400/1700 mm. Max load 40 kg.


Lower paper roll holder 

Simply hangs on horizontal bars of legs.

Depth adjustable. Axle diameter 25 mm.
Max roll width 1350/1650 mm. Max load 40 kg.



We also have a wide range of accessories for this packaging station that include the popular carton trolley.

WB Heavy duty packaging station with electrical height adjustment

wb packaging bench and accessories

Packaging Bench Accessories

Whether you handle, wrap, pack or unpack big or small materials and items, they need to be stored, lifted, or Whether you handle, wrap, pack or unpack big or small materials and items, they need to be stored, lifted, or brought via a belt conveyor system to the packing table and removed from the workstation. 

To create a fully functioning packaging area,Treston’s offering also includes a variety of trolleys, cabinets and shelves which are an integral part of a good packing environment.

Treston packaging tables, together with industrial complementing furniture, help you maximize production and speed up the packaging process.

Also, don’t forget chairs and good lighting – both elements which complete a well-functioning packaging station.All Treston furniture and both packing table designs take into account ergonomic aspects, enabling you to keep all packaging materials within easy reach. Both TPB918 and Concept are made according to the highest quality standards in Finland and supplied by Merlin Industrial Products Ltd.

Low carton trolley LCT610

carton trolleys for packaging

  • Trolley for large cartons
  • Three of the dividers can be assembled crosswise or lengthwise
  • The fourth divider is a push handle
  • Frame and shelf are of epoxy powder-coated steel in grey RAL 7035
  • Four swivel castors (Ø 100 mm), two of which have brakes
  • Shelf size 1000 x 630 mm, height above the ground 160 mm
  • Document holder DSA4 ESD available as an accessory

Packaging Cutters

packaging accessories cutters


Cutter PPC can be to fitted to the packing material Cutter PPC can be to fitted to the packing material roll stand with the bracket pair. Height adjustable. Cutter is ordered separately.

Recycling material trolley PRMT 

packaging bins tilted

The recycling trolleys are ideal for placing underneath or The recycling trolleys are ideal for placing underneath or beside the packing bench. The bins are adjustable in angle for ease of use! The trolley comes with four swivel castors, two with brakes. Available in single and double version.

Packaging Benches Brochure

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