Barrier Posts

We have a wide range of barrier posts suitable for car parks and other areas where temporary barriers are useful.  The barrier posts below include sprung loaded, retractable, removable, drop-down and standard barrier posts.

MAJOR Retractable Post is a post which, like the MINDER, is ideal for areas that require temporary access from time to time.

Retractable parking post

Impact Protection Barriers and Buffers

Impact Protection Barriers and Buffers provide a cushion between people and barriers and stopping injuries from hard and sharp edges. Larger impact protection systems offer the ability to stop damage to walls and columns in car parks and corridors where trolleys are often used.

impact protection edging buffers

Bollards for All Weathers

Bollards designed specifically to meet the demands of the UK outdoors. Available in a selection of styles, sizes and shapes we have bollards to suit a multitude of applications including Stainless Steel, Timber, Galvanised and Cast Iron.

external angled top bollards

Lift Out Barrier System

Safety barrier with easily removed rails allowing easy access to machinery or areas where extra safety precautions are required.

Lift Out Barrier Rail System

Concertina Expandable Barriers

The Concertina Expandable Barriers are perfect for providing security and safety for both public and private use. From construction sites, public areas and the leisure industries, for permanent fixtures and temporary solutions such as maintenance and cleaning operations. We have the wides range of expandable barriers in Steel, Plastic and Aluminium.

concertina diamond pattern barriers

Manual Road Access Barriers

We have two types of manual road access barriers on this page with the popular lift and swing gate models. Both offer various advantages where there are no electrical feeds and can be secured when not in use.

manual lift barriers

Crowd and Pedestrian Barriers

Designed and manufactured for pedestrian traffic and crowd control in various environments, whether at concerts, shows or on busy construction sites, these units provide a safe barrier between the public and the project.

pedestrian barrier close up

Modular Barrier System

Modular safety barriers easily erected to provide protected areas that are ideal for keeping drums and other equipment segregated.

Modular Barrier System

Deformable Parking Posts

This range of Deformable Posts is ideal for highway, verge and urban environments. These Posts are easy to deform and quick to rebound after being struck by a vehicle or being driven over. Testing shows that after one thousand impacts the post still returns to its original position offering significantly reduced maintenance costs for many traffic management applications. A threaded anchor allows for quick installation.

deformable traffic bollard

Night Owl Self righting bollard

The night owl self righting bollard can be illuminated for night time use and offers a flexible solution for road sign-age with the current UK legislation notes below. New one piece bounce back bollard introduced in 2016 and detailed at the bottom of this article.


YouTube Video

Edgeminder Bollards

The durable plastic moulded Edgeminder mini-bollard is primarily designed to protect grassed areas from illegal parking. Whilst maintaining style and a heritage appearance the Edgeminder is also impact resistant and has a contoured extended base for easy installation.

Edgeminder Bollard with reflective strip

Overhead Safety Cable Indicators

Telescopic height barriers to safely indicate overhead cables, wires and any other hazards. Can be easily moved and offer a highly visible warning. Commonly called Goal Post systems and widely used across the country by local authorities and contractors. New this year the 100 kg Ballast system detailed below.

goalpost safety cable markers

Flexible and Retractable Tape Barriers

We have the traffic-line flexible belt barriers available in several types. Chrome posts, Anodised aluminium posts and High visibility for safety where designated areas can be cordoned off quickly. The tape barriers can be wall or floor mounted and new models include Magnetic brackets. Please view the full brochure available at the bottom of this page.

Chrome belt barriers

Plastic Road Safety Barriers

A range of water filled plastic road barriers designed to guide, warn and protect both the motorist and the staff and equipment on site. Suitable for roads and racing tracks and construction sites. The new BISON barrier can also be integrated with mesh and solid steel panels offering a variety of uses.


Heavy Duty Safety Bollards

Various industrial safety barriers are available on this page including these tubular steel safety barriers which are ideal in warehouses or areas where staff are mixing with vehicles or forklift trucks.  Positioned correctly these safety barriers can protect valuable personnel and equipment from injury or expensive damage. High visibility yellow powder coated finish to help with easy identification. Available powder coated and galvanised.

traffic line protection guards

Portable Welding Screens

This self assembly welding curtain kit comes packaged complete with everything you see below and can be erected within minutes. Full assembly instructions are of course supplied. We also have Spark prevention blankets for the protection of nearby equipment.

welding screen orange

Heras Fence Blocks

The Heras fences are very popular in the UK as perimeter fencing around construction sites and we now offer a water filled block that can be used for the Heras fences and a wide range of other fence panels.

rotoblock site safety barriers with mesh panels

Protective Barrier Rail System

Heavy duty protective barrier to protect personnel or equipment from damage by fork lifts or other dangers. Available in three lengths and with a corner bracket to cover most eventualities. Solid barriers offer confidence to staff and guests traversing areas where vehicles are in use.

Protective rail system

Heritage Bollards

These elegant traditionally styled heritage styled bollards combine first rate functionality with a timeless and stylish appearance. They are part of a coordinated range of bollards, low level signage and litter bins, with their appearance being enhanced by an optional gold band trim.

Heritage bollard 150

Heritage 150

PVC Crash Service Doors

The flexible PVC crash door has been designed with reliability in mind. Used across a number of industries, the status as the leading supplier of flexible PVC in Europe is what makes these crash doors the best value flexible door on the market.

pvc crash doors 600px

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