The Bull safety barriers are a heavy duty safety road barrier designed to protect pedestrians and property from the possible damage and injury caused by a collision. Simply and quickly installed by just two persons, the Bull barriers are lighter and stronger than the competition.

bull heavy duty barriers

Quick to install

bull barriers going downhill
Their unique fitting hinge (patent pending) has been ergonomically designed with the installation team in mind.

Barrier installation is no longer back-breaking work. It allows the barriers to be installed in less than half of the time of other barriers on the market whilst being less labour intensive. Installation requires only 2 people. Bull Barrier’s unique hinge and slot design makes it the fastest installation of its type.

Bull Barrier Close-up of hinge.

bull barrier hinge plates

Light weight

bull barriers protecting construction site
Bull Barriers are lighter than the nearest competitor by over 10 kg. Weighing just 46 Kg
They are the most lightweight barrier on the market but are just as strong and durable.

Safety is the priority

bull barriers protecting pedestrians

When a vehicle collides with a line of Bull Barriers, the cumulative weight and stiffness of the line prevents the vehicle encroaching on the protected space behind the barrier and so ensuring the safety of any workforce in that area. Combined with the curved shape of the barrier, this stiffness creates a roll-off effect and if a collision takes place the car is steered back into the lane traffic from which it came, protecting both pedestrians in the protected zone and the occupants of the vehicle.

Image showing how a collision effects the Bull barrier

bull barrier at work in a collision

The design of the Bull Barrier also allows for the simultaneous use of a reinforcement bar (required to meet crash test standards) as well as pedestrian barriers making it a much safer and more versatile product. The Barriers have been strenuously tested on a variety of applications and under a series of scenarios to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Facts for the Bull Barrier

    • Each barrier Unit weighs just 46 kg
    • The barriers cover 1500 mm
    • Crash Tested to T2 W6
    • Wind tested to 54 mph
    • Available now from Merlin Industrial Products Ltd
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