Factory Guide Rails are a way of minimising the width of an aisle whilst giving forklift truck operators more confidence to move quickly between pallet racking or equipment. The guide rails, manufactured in the UK are substantial and easily installed as shown in the information below.

guide rails for warehouses


Manufactured within the UK, our system features:

  • Standard section sizes designed to suit particular forklift trucks.
  • Standard modular lengths to help build precise layout requirements.
  • Options of painted or galvanised finishes.
  • Pre-drilled holes, designed to suit a range of suitable floor fixings.
  • Fully prepared steel for speedy installation.
  • A range of available lead-in components to aid easy entry to aisles.
  • Fish plate joints enable easy site assembly

guide rail protection close ip of join


  • Standard low profile rail from 50 x 50 x 8 RSA.
  • Standard high profile rail from 100 x 75 x 10 RSA.
  • 150 x 75 x 10 & 150 x 75 x 12 RSA also available as standard.

guide rail protection for pallet racking


Please download or view our guide rail specification sheet.

guide rail around pallet racking

Heavy duty guide rails for the protection of of areas where equipment is being moved on a regular basis.