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The flexible PVC crash door has been designed with reliability in mind. Used across a number of industries, the status as the leading supplier of flexible PVC in Europe is what makes these crash doors the best value flexible door on the market.

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Suitable for;

  • Supermarkets / Retail units
  • Coldstores
  • Warehouse industrial units
  • Food preparation areas
  • Factories
  • Pharmaceutical units
  • Hospitals & Healthcare


Strong durable PVC sheet can withstand the everyday rigours of pedestrian and general goods traffic, preventing draughts, heat loss and noise pollution.
The doors come with three different combinations, as either fully single, double or tri-panel.

Tripanel pvc crash door

Comparable doors, made out of the likes of poly-carbonate and polyethylene, can prove too much of an expense for some companies, running into thousands of pounds.

PVC Sheet crash doors can provide all of the same benefits, heat insulation, durability, food safe properties – for a fraction of the cost.


The self-closing double action spring hinge ensures a smooth opening and closing time and time again. Fixing the spring at the bottom allows greater control on the tension, making it far longer lasting than other flexible swing doors.

The PVC is available in 5 or 7 mm thickness, preventing drafts and temperature loss.

The extruded aluminium frame remains tough but lightweight, and can be powder coated on request. A stainless steel corner plate adds to the doors rigidity and sturdiness.

PVC Crash doors on site

The crash doors have been built to last, something that’s essential for any installation.

The toughness of the design – from the base plate to the quality PVC – makes it perfectly suited to heavy footfall areas.


The PVC Sheet complies with the necessary REACH regulations, allowing it to come into contact with food products. This makes it ideal to be installed in the likes of food preparation areas, hospitals and pharmaceutical sites.

Please see the installation instructions below though if you would prefer we can offer a full installation service anywhere in the UK.

To obtain a delivered only price please advise the opening dimensions and whether you require single, double or triple panels along with the type of door surroundings such as wood, steel or concrete.

If you have an existing door with a damaged panel please contact us for replacement PVC.


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