ARC  The clothing is tested and given an ARC rating and this determines the level of protection for preventing sparks / arcs from initiating. For factories and sites using ATEX equipment the ARC clothing is a suitable clothing system. For the wide range of ESD equipment Merlin supplies this system can be an added benefit to prevent SSD damage.

ARC flash clothing

Personal safety equipment and products that include high visibility vests, hard hats, and protection for the eyes, hands, ears and mouth. Specialist personal safety equipment consists of different gloves and masks for different risks along with a wide range of welding goggles.

personal safety equipment

We have a wide range of personal safety equipment and clothing suitable for most areas encountered in your daily work including working with heat, cold and low light situations with the high visibility vests. All the products below are part of our safety glasses and sunglasses discounted and available now from our online shop.

personal safety products

Safety Gloves - Hand Protection have been around for many years and started as basic protection from the cold. With the latest technologies and space age materials gloves have become a daily requirements in many industries that include health, education and manufacturing.

safety gloves

High visibility clothing as the name suggests helps the wearer be seen more quickly and from further away. Based on highly reflective surfaces and contrasts staff working in poorly lit work spaces or where there is a danger from other users operating machinery such as fork lift trucks and cranes.

high visibility clothing