Fall arresters provide a controlled fall when used with a harness and protect individuals working at heights from rapid de-acceleration.

E-RGA1 Fall Arrest Equipment

Rescue Apparatus for raising injured and trapped personnel. Two types of rescue equipment for lowering rescuers down to victims safely one rope and the other a wire winch.


Fall protection harnesses and clamp for the personal protection where a risk of falling is possible.


Safety harnesses in various styles all with a minimum safety standard of EN 361.  Fittings are high tensile steel and polyester webbing. Safety Harnesses Now available to purchase 24 hours of the day from our new online shop at the bottom of this page.


As well as the separate fall arrestors and harnesses we also supply full fall protection kits all packaged in a helpful container providing all you need to protect yourself from falling. We now have a range of Fall Protection Kits with Safety Harness in our online shop shown below.


Safety lanyards in webbing, rope and elastic material for use with safety harnesses and equipment. New for 2019 online shop so that purchasing your safety lanyard is secure and easy to do.


The karabiner is an essential safety clip for climbers and for use in fall arrest equipment.  The models here are all manufactured from steel and aluminium and conform to the latest safety standards. Now available from our secure built-in online shop shown below.