Internal and External Security Cages from Merlin Industrial Products. These bestselling ranges of UK manufactured robust steel storage cages give a secure method of storing various items. Expanded metal mesh panels will resist the most determined vandal or criminal attack. Used by various companies for the safe storage of valuable items. Quick delivery and easy to install.

open mesh storage cages

Most businesses have paper documents and backups in lots of different formats that all need to be protected from fire and theft. Our new 2012 range of fire protection steel storage meets this requirement.

Fire resistant safes and storage

The secure storage of computers and related equipment is commonly used in Schools, Prisons, Hospitals and construction sites where risk from damage or theft is high. Also, computers are increasingly being used in production areas where a central storage workstation is a useful addition. Mobile computer stations allow the IT equipment to be moves around sites.

site station for tools and pc

Relocatable Safety stores with capacities from 350 litres to 4750 litres of hazardous and flammable chemicals.  The stores are 1 hour fire rated and provide a useful solution if you lack the space inside the building. Please note if you do not have a forklift available we can deliver on a HIAB truck.

Relocatable Safety Store

Security on large and small construction sites has always been difficult due to the many trades and professionals and with the rising costs of materials such as copper stealing has become much more common.

Security or Safety mirrors are increasingly required in premises where staff numbers have decreased and observation of corridors and external areas need to be monitored. Safety mirrors also see around corners for possible dangers. Mirrors have long been used in shops for added security.

safety and security mirrors

This Covid-19 Related Safety Products page shows a range of coronavirus protection measures so that companies can quickly get back to work whilst protecting their staff and their customers. We have various screens for shops and office environments along with taller screens for warehouses and production to cater for people both sitting or standing.

Protective Roller Blinds for Counter Tops Starter Extension

Safety signs are important notices designed to comply with the latest legislation, regulations and offer a clear indication of the hazards or information clearly.

safety signs and labels

Cylinder Storage Cages offer a method of safe and secure storage of gas cylinders and are manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit the many different gas cylinder sizes. Please find a selection of our most popular gas cages listed below.

GCP03Z cylinder pallet cage

Secure on site work station for storing anything from PPE to fixings, power tools and laptop computers.

Site Station Doors open

Digital door locks as well as being simple, convenient and effective to use, they’re totally self-contained and don’t have the need for any additional hardware. Digital door locks also don’t require keys, power, cards or tokens, all of which can be easily damaged, lost or stolen.

digital door locks merlin

Security mesh cages are available as mobile or static versions. Manufactured and formed using the famous Eclipse chrome wired mesh that allows for easy visibility, impressive security as well as providing attractive storage. The mesh cages are currently used in evidence lockers, linen, towel storage in hotels, sports centres, schools and in the health industry. Normal delivery times are just 5 working days.

wire chrome security cages mobile and static

As well as protecting items from theft these safes are designed to protect from fire. Fire protection is normally rated at temperature and time such as the filing cabinets that can withstand temperatures up to 950 degrees C for an hour.

fire safes group shot

Security Safes provide a secure method of securing valuable data, money, documents and belongings. The security safes are rated so that they can be used for insured items and some of the safes offer both security against theft but protection from fire.

PT range of security safes

Under Floor Safes

SMP Ironmaster under floor safes

SMP Ironmaster under floor safes

Security trolleys are invaluable for transporting valuables around a warehouse, or area where you want the contents to arrive safely. We have a few options of security trolleys available that include mesh, steel plate and wood depending on your requirements. Highly manoeuvrable and available in two weeks.

mobile security trolleys

Complete hazardous chemical safety store that can be located anywhere on your site and provide easy access to a range of flammable, chemical and other hazardous materials making this a perfect general purpose safety store.

GPSS1 & 2

Tuffstor secure storage solutions that include cabinets and walk in security stores that are designed to secure valuable tools and equipment, in or on vehicles and around various sites and premises where there is a risk of theft or damage. Some of the secure storage option provide a walk in store 2 x 4 metres and 2.1 meters high.

Tools not organised but secure

Key cabinets are available in many sizes and with a variety of security capabilities. Key cabinets help provide a central location that can quickly be assessed in case of emergencies with one key that opens them all.

Keycabinet with see through window

Wertheim AMS Wall safe range theft resistant: Euro /VdS class I

Wertheim AMS wall safes

Industrial lighting for security, safety and night work applications with the latest in LED technology providing maximum illumination that turns night into day.

lighting for working at night safely

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