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Designed by leading podiatrists to help reduce foot and heel pain. Perfect for all types of footwear from sports to everyday shoes. Can be trimmed at the forefoot if required - use the original shoe insole as a template to achieve the perfect fit. ENHANCED BY D3O® TECHNOLOGY TO REDUCE SHOCK AND PROTECT AGAINST FOOT PAIN AND INJURIES , Uses D30® Technology , Designed to improve comfort, reduce pain and fatigue. , Provides instant relief and long-term protection , Can be inserted into almost all shoe types including safety boots , Suitable for people who do not require significant arch support or prefer a neutral feel , Extensively tested by independent experts and the British Armed forces. , Proven to help heal Plantar Fasciitis Benefits: , Proven to reduce foot and heel pain for over 91% of wearers, including Plantar Fasciitis pain , Greater shock protection for the whole foot. , Ideal for those that experience heel pain, foot pain/discomfort and/or lower limb fatigue as a result of being on their feet for long periods at any one time.