Product Code: BB-00205
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The Blade Bank is the safest and most convenient way to correctly dispose of used razor blades. , When utilized throughout the workplace the Blade Banks eliminate the potential liabilities and safety risks caused by loose blades. , This key component of the Safety First System keeps blades out the reach of customers, off of the ground, out of rubbish bags and all other potentially hazardous locations. , By pairing one of PHC's Blade Dispensers (SPD-017, QBD-324, or QBD-379) to the front of the Blade Bank, you create a convenient blade change station that will increase safety and efficiency Features , They safely contain over 750 used blades , Mounts easily and securely to wall, post, pallet rack, forklift, and more , Includes 2 Zip-ties , The BH-00205 does not include the wall mount bracket.