The current trend is to look away from the traditional plastic containers and find a more Ecologically friendly solutions and we can now offer the aluminium transport container as shown below. We have a very wide range of sizes and accessories and the aluminium containers do not rust and are much lighter than steel.

aluminium transport containers k 270

Kbins are the most popular cardboard storage containers within the United kingdom consisting of open fronted containers as used in stores and workshops. Supplied flat packed to minimise carriage costs they are easily assembled in seconds and last for many years. As well as the popular Kbin open fronted cardboard containers K-bin also supply archive and plastic storage boxes.

kbins image 600px wide

Attached Lid Containers (ALC) or Crocodile type lids on containers that can be nested to reduce transportation costs and stacked when the lids are closed. Plenty of space for labels and we can provide anti-tamper seals either plain of numbered for additional security.

Reusable containers ALC

KLT containers are designed to work in automated environments with robotic handling equipment.  Mainly used in the automotive industry these containers are excellent for light to heavy duties. We have a range of solid and foldable in standard and ESD plastics.

foldable klt series

They improve space efficiency and help maximise the number of containers in a load. The returnable pallet containers maintain the same consistent low weight, wet or dry, and can be used in precision check weighing systems.

Big boxes solid 

Large folding ESD plastic containers in six different models manufactured in an electrically conductive material that allows for the safe dissipation of static electricity away from delicate products and components.

Foldable ESD big boxes with 4 opening flaps

Portable emergency water tanks. These tanks are made from UV protected rotationally moulded polyethylene and are supplied with a fully galvanised frame. 


Large plastic boxes from 1200 x 800 x 790 mm to 1200 x 1000 x 1000 mm high with hinged lids and secure locking mechanisms for the safe transport of a wide range of products or ingredients. Though more popular on the solid pallet boxes we also provide the same locking system for collapsible containers.

lockable big plastic boxes

A selection of fuel dispensers ideal for farms and companies operating ther own vehicles and where using the local garage is not an option or they need to store Red Diesel . The tanks will store 1300 to 5000 litres or 285 to 1100 Gallons of fuel.


We can supply Euro containers in all the conventional sizes from stock but now we have also added the long and narrow stacking containers ideal for the automotive industry and anyone needing to transport or store long and narrow components.



The Supertuff range of chemical dosing tanks are strong and durable plastic tanks manufactured to high standards in the UK. The dosing tanks range from 50 to 1000 litres, each supplied with a tight fitting screw cap. Designed to be used in chemical dosing systems each dosing tank has a split level top section which adds strength and provides an area for the mounting of apparatus. Each dosing tank can be supplied with an optional containment bund, with corresponding sizes designed to take 110% of the chemicals.

dosing tank 100 litres and bund

Nesting Mobile Storage Container

Nesting Mobile Trucks
These nesting mobile trucks are manufactured from food grade polyethylene and can be nested to save storage space,  Ideal in bars and restaurants as bottle collectors.  Can also be used as linen and laundry trolleys.

Collapsible folding containers offer cost and space savings when empty and are ideal for companies moving items from one site to another. With ranges from the Euro sized folding containers to the bulk IBC liquid containers we have a product that can save on stored space and meet your industrial requirements for many years of use.

folding large plastic boxes

As well as the Allibin container we also supply the classic Topstore - open fronted containers that can be stacked or mounted on Louvre panels. Large stocks and lots of different colours mean these containers are ideal for the Kanban system.
Yellow Allibin

We have a wide range of small and large plastic containers from several manufacturer's and can offer excellent prices and quick deliveries from the stocked ranges. Our on-line shop also has range of European sized containers along with food grade tubs and container trolleys. Shop Link

folding plastic boxes

The round plastic pail is the tried and trusted means of storing and transporting liquid and solid substances. It is manufactured from food-safe plastic, making it ideally suited for holding stocks of foodstuffs. The basic screw-top jar features impressive tactile details which make handling especially comfortable and ergonomic.

pails round plastic

Removable 350 and 250 litre capacity polypropylene container within a steel frame on wheels.  Ideal for multiple applications the container trolley can be used to transport liquids and solids. 

Large Container Trolley

Aluminium perforated / mesh containers and baskets ideal for civilian and military applications. Sometimes also called tote boxes as each of the perforated containers and baskets has helpful hand holes to allow easy manual handling. The K250 and K251 models are detailed below along with a brochure on more specialised aluminium containers.

k250 perforated baskets and containers

Plastic containers on wheels with a capacity of 130 to 625 litres and built on a plywood base offering better stability and strength. Available in Natural White, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow with a normal lead time of 2 weeks. Lids are also available and listed below along with bottle and tidy trucks.

HAYSOAKER mobile plastic container

Various sized plastic dollys for the safe transportation of plastic containers and trays with optional handles for maximum operator comfort and safety. The plastic dollys are chemical resistant and easily cleaned for hygiene areas.

red plastic dolly with handle 600px

Ecological Plastic Containers are a new range of low cost plastic containers, manufactured in recycled plastic material and available from stock and available in just one colour Black.

Eco-recycled plastic-containers-with-leaf logo


We have a wide range of plastic containers with lids that include a single hinged lid as well as the popular stacking and nesting attached lid containers. Most of the containers listed are ex stock with a standard delivery of 3 working days.

20C28 plastic container with hinged lid

The emergency safe storage bowsers are available in both static and mobile variants. Designed to hold in excess of 1000 litres these bowsers can offer immediate relief in the case of disasters like flooding or when water supplies are restricted.  Highways maintenance can also use these to clean roads of mud and other dangerous debris far from an alternate water source.

1000litre mobile water bowser

To complement our steel and wooden pigeon hole storage solutions we now have a wide range of plastic picking containers that lock together to form a wall of compartments perfect for items in the warehouse, production or resale areas. No need for shelving or louvre panels as the plastic bins slot together to form a solid wall of containers.

Container Pick Wall with 16 Containers

ESD open-front containers are made of a special plastic to which conductive carbon fibres are added during production. This makes the containers conductive and prevents an electrostatic charge from being created by friction (ESD = electrostatic discharge). ESD products are usually black because of the carbon fibres that are used to make them.

ESD rack boxes and material flow boxes group

Our stacking plastic containers are manufactured in Europe and the UK and provide a complete solution for moving products and produce around the factory or around the world.  Built to exacting standards these plastic containers will offer years of continuous use.

KLT Robot enabled container

Plastic Euro containers are one of the most popular sized plastic containers available in standard sizes across the continent, and our trolleys also called mobile tray trolleys are popular as a means to transport a large amount of the containers and also to provide a means of storage when not in use. As well as the fixed container trolleys we also have an adjustable one so that different depth plastic containers can be accommodated.

CT400 GROUP Euro container trolleys

The plastic trough trolley or stand has been designed mainly for the food manufacturing industry with plastic troughs moulded in medium density polyethylene MDPE. The chassis cane be supplied in powder coated steel or stainless steel along with castors for easy mobility. The troughs can also be accessorized with taps and lids.

Trough trolleys for the food industry


Folding Plastic Containers, Large (FLC) and Folding Small Containers (FSC) are now more popular as they save transportation and storage costs when empty and with the latest technologies they are robust and capable of frequent use in industrial applications. The KLT options are suitable for robotic operations and are heavily used in the automotive industry.

Foldable KLT boxes

Small Parts Storage Systems for Nuts, bolts and various small parts require storage and, apart from our steel pigeon hole storage the versatility of the plastic open-fronted container on a louvred panel, Trolley or shelving system is still hard to beat for storage capacity and ease of use.

small parts storage double sided spacemaster

Our heavy duty bins with galvanised handles are ideal for storing and moving waste and ingredients around shop floors and commercial outlets. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene, the bins are available in our full colour range on a 10 working day dispatch. Loose fitting drop-on lids are also available for each bin.

Heavy Duty Bins - Galvanised Handles

A comprehensive range of versatile plastic stacking and nesting containers that save space. Principal products include stack nest with bale arm, containers that stack and nest through 180° rotation, bread baskets and attached-lid containers.

Plastic Bread Container

A range of heaters, jackets and covers all designed for the international ISO IBC container that is one of the most popular ways of moving and storing chemicals. The range below includes waterproof covers through to insulated jackets and heaters designed to maintain the viscosity of various substances. Discounted Prices shown below.

ibc heaters and jackets

The largest range of water and chemical storage tanks in one place covering industrial, agricultural and domestic uses. The storage tanks can be installed both above and below ground. We also supply the accessories for bowsers, campsites and signage.

storage tanks black

IBC Plastic Containers are available on metal and plastic pallets. We also have our fold-able pallet boxes with bags for transporting liquids. Merlin Industrial can help you source small quantities of quality European manufactured IBC's though for larger quantities you are advised to talk direct to one of the many manufacturers.

classic ibc containers group of 3

Our straight sided bins are ideal for storing and transporting ingredients and waste. We offer a large range of sizes, most of which can be supplied with a drop on lid (not airtight) and metal dolly for mobile storage.

Straight Sided Tubs


A range of containers and dispensers designed for the food industry and manufactured from food safe materials. The small selection shown here covers 34 to 1022 litres and we have many others available in a wide range of colours or natural.

ingredients dispensers

Our tapered bins are ideal for storing and transporting ingredients and waste. Each bin is tapered, making transport very cost effective and storage of empty bins very economical. We offer a large range of sizes, most of which can be supplied with a drop on lid (not airtight) and metal dolly for mobile storage.

Tapered Plastic Bins or Tubs

The Interbin is a popular open fronted style of plastic container that has a multitude of uses and applications. Designed to fit on to a Louvre panel, trolley, cabinet or on top of each other there are very few containers that have the same capacity or flexibility of use.


Merlin now have a range of UN approved and certified double walled plastic containers from 20 to 40 litres and with comfortable handling grips and stacking capabilities these are suitable for war torn areas where water and other essential chemicals are needed in a robust and easy to handle container.

UN 20litre plastic containers stacked

Our Interstacking bins are ideal for use in the food industry as they are stackable and are manufactured from 100% food grade polyethylene. We recently added a plastic dolly to our materials handling range that is specifically suited to our Interstacking bins.

Interstacking Bins and Tubs

New Steel and Plastic Drums available in small quantities

We supply various drum handing equipment for a wide variety of steel and plastic drums.  Below we have listed some of the popular drums we can supply quickly from stock should you require a complete service or just need empty drums.

Tighthead Plastic Drum

IP67 Rated Containers can be supplied in four different sizes and the IP67 rating protects the contents from harmful dust and the contents are also protected whilst submerged to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.

IP67 rated aluminium containers - cases

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