Plastic Pigeon Hole System

Plastic Pigeon Hole System is a clever way of turning euro plastic containers into a storage wall for a very wide range of applications. Turn old plastic containers into a display wall or small parts storage system. Can be used with various colours and ESD containers offering protection for static sensitive devices or products.

plastic pigeon hole storage

Plastic Container Connectors

plastic container connectors

With the clever shelf connectors you can convert Euro containers into a practical shelf. The 4-way connector is attached to the corners of the Euro containers and holds up to four containers. The 2-way connector attaches the outer sides of the shelf.


  • Suitable for Euro containers
  • Simple push-fit system
  • In a set for the front and back
  • 2-way or 4-way connectors

The connectors are designed to work with our containers though may be suitable for your existing plastic euro containers allow you to turn redundant plastic storage bins into a wall of storage or display.

Designed to work with the following width and height containers

200 x 150 mm
300 x 200 mm
400 x 300 mm
600 x 400 mm

Depths in our containers range from 75 to 420 mm and there are a wide range of colours that can be used. The plastic container connectors will also work with ESD black containers.

The solid-walled Euro container is an impressive combination of simplicity, with simple design and great stability. Its robustness and high quality materials make this Euro box particularly durable and consequently economical.

euro plastic containers

  • Acid and alkali-resistant
  • All commonly used Euro formats
  • Cold and heat-resistant
Suitable for
basic dimension (cm)
Product CodeDesign
20 x 15 VE-2VH 215 2-way connector set
20 x 15 VE-4VH 215 4-way connector set
30 x 20 VE-2VH 32 2-way connector set
30 x 20 VE-4VH 32 4-way connector set
40 x 30 – 60 x 40 VE-2VH 4364 2-way connector set
40 x 30 – 60 x 40 VE-4VH 4364 4-way connector set

plastic pigeon hole storage system