Kbins are the most popular cardboard storage containers within the United kingdom consisting of open fronted containers as used in stores and workshops. Supplied flat packed to minimise carriage costs they are easily assembled in seconds and last for many years. As well as the popular Kbin open fronted cardboard containers K-bin also supply archive and plastic storage boxes.

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We have listed the different ranges below along with specifications and product codes.

A Range

Cardboard Parts Bins All 100mm High
The cardboard KBin provides economical storage for small parts and works with most shelving systems.

Kbins are supplied in flat form, saving valuable space prior to use.

  • Self-locking and assembled in seconds
  • All bins have been designed to fit on metric and imperial shelves to maximise the use of available space
  • Extensive range of sizes available, ex-stock

Supplied in packs of 50

B Range

B Range

KBin Cardboard Parts Bins All 200mm High

Kbins are supplied in flat form, saving valuable space prior to use. Our patented locking system means the bins are assembled in seconds.


TPA Range

TPA Range Polypropylene Parts Bins

All 100mm High
 Supplied with self adhesive labels for front panel identification

Supplied in packs of 25

ProductHeight (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Pack price per 25
TPA1507 100H 150L 75W £23.20
TPA2010 100H 200L 100W £26.90
TPA2015 100H 200L 150W £29.30
TPA2020 100H 200L 200W £31.50
TPA2210 100H 225L 100W £26.90
TPA2215 100H 225L 150W £29.30
TPA2220 100H 225L 200W £31.50
TPA3010 100H 300L 100W £27.40
TPA3015 100H 300L 150W £30.30
TPA3020 100H 300L 200W £32.80
TPA4010 100H 400L 100W £33.90
TPA4015 100H 400L 150W £36.40
TPA4020 100H 400L 200W £39.80
TPA4510 100H 450L 100W £33.90
TPA4515 100H 450L 150W £36.40
TPA4520 100H 450L 200W £39.80
FPL1X100 66x41mm Front Panel labels - Pack 100 £2.10
FPL2X100 127x41mm Front Panel labels - Pack 100 £2.80

Archival Storage

Archival Storage

Cardboard and Polypropylene Archive Boxes

All dimensions are EXTERNAL including lid

Part No.External Dimensions (mm)Internal Dimensions (mm)Pack price per 25
AB02 263H 455L 350W 260H 425L 340W £66.50
Making this a fantastic price of approx only £2.59 each

Polypropylene archive box

  • Designed for the storage of 5 A4 Lever Arch Files
  • Manufactured in strong polypropylene
  • Wipe clean surfaces inside and out
  • Oil, grease and moisture resistant
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Supplied with black moulded handles and corners

Supplied in packs of 10

Part No.External Dimensions (mm)Internal Dimensions (mm)Pack price per 10Colour
SBP330 300H 425L 360W 290H 400L 345W £76.40 Silver/Grey
SBP3LID Fits archive box part No 330 £14.80 Black Only

Prices correct February 2018

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