Wire / Mesh Storage Baskets

Wire or Mesh storage baskets have been used for decades in the retail industry, they are a heavy duty, cost effective alternative to traditional racking & shelving. The baskets are plastic coated so garments won't snag, and the baskets won't rust. Dividers are used to make different sized compartments within the baskets, which is great for order picking.

wire mesh baskets red green blue

As well as retail customers more and more companies are finding the older storage methods easier to use and more cost effective than alternatives such as shelving and pallet boxes. Big label identification makes picking and storing faster as operators can quickly find the right basket.

wire mesh high visibility storage


Models of Wire Storage baskets available

Product Code  W (mm) D (mm) H (mm)
F03 - MT8                        600 460 350     Basket MT8 - Red/Blue/Green 
F04 - C12                         980 460 350     Basket C12 - Red/Blue/Green 
F07 - C2DS                      980 680 480     Basket C2DS - Red/Blue/Green 
F09 - C4                           1220 680 480     Basket C4 - Red/Blue/Green 
F11 - D1                                         n/a                460 350     Divider D1 (for MT8 & C12) 
F13 - D2                                         n/a                680 480     Divider D2 (For C2DS & C4) 
F97 - Lid  Will be supplied to suit relevant basket                               Lid for C12 or C2DS baskets 
F98 - S15 Base                  Metal Stand 
F99 - Wheels                      Wheel Set 
F0101 - PPA                    165               n/a 80    PPA Tag - Large 
F0102 - PPB                    120               n/a 40    PPB Tag - Small 
F2205 - Data Strip        900               n/a 60    Data Strip - Green/White/Blue/ Red 


Capacities per basket and based on a stack 4 high

MT8 = 60 kg

C12 = 90 kg

C2DS = 120 kg

C4 = 120 kg


Heavy duty plastic coated stacking  baskets for use in warehouses and stores.

  • Thumbscrew bolts supplied for stacking
  • The baskets nest inside each other when not in use
  • Plastic coated so material won’t snag on any sharp edges
  • Red, blue or green baskets available
  • Flexible compartment sizes using the divider system
  • Wide range of labelling for easy identification of contents

 For Wire mesh storage baskets along with more retail orientated products please download the latest brochure