Suitable for Flammable and Agricultural chemicals with a 85 litre storage tray this hazardous storage cabinet is ideal the safe storage of various chemicals both flammable and agricultural.

Storage Cabinet

Product Information

  • Produced from 1.6mm sheet steel
  • All welded unit conforming to the APEA Construction requirements
  • Lockable handle on double doors
  • Adjustable vent - for Flammable Storage (vent closed) or Agrochemicals (vent open)
  • Two removable storage shelves of 25 x 25mm mesh
  • Clear space between shelves:  550mm top, 540mm bottom
  • Designed to comply with the Flammable Liquid Storage Regulations (1972) as appropriate and the Factory Inspection Guide HSG51.
Overall Size: W x D x H mm
Drip Tray Capacity
Weight kg
1125 x 560 x 1535
One 85 litre drip tray located within the base
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