Chemical Storage Cabinets manufactured from Polypropylene. Painted or powder coated metal cabinets will not resist acid fumes indefinitely and after a few weeks of storing chemicals will show the tell tale rust marks of corrosion. Spills and damage to the coated surface will cause a potentially dangerous environment.

chemical storage cabinets

plastic chemical storage cabinet
Use all Polypropylene fabricated cabinets, no internal metal, no coatings and unbreakable. Will not damage in transit or use.

The most important part of our range is that there are
Only the external lock is plated metal.
We have developed catches, hinges, shelves and doors completely made in Polypropylene.
This furniture will withstand the most corrosive and wet working environments.
Buy it once and forget it forever.
close up of polypropylene cabinet
Close up image showing the small lip designed to stop minor spillages

Plastic Laboratory Furniture

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