Gorilla Gas Cages

A complete range of bolt-together storage cages. With Eleven different sizes of cages listed below and complete with the correct signage. Constructed using 30mm box section, the cages are strong and protect the gas bottles and a variety of equipment from being tampered with or stolen. For easy delivery, these are flat-packed gas bottle cages and they come complete with all fixings to build the unit. Also used as economic security cages when bolted down.

Gorilla Gas cylinder storage cage

GGC1 gorilla gas bottle cage

A cost-effective alternative to most other gas bottle cages

Key features:

  • Robust Construction using 30mm box section
  • 2.5mm wire weld mesh
  • Hinged door with padlock point
  • Flat packed with all fixings supplied
  • Relevant signage attached
  • Range of 11 different sizes

GGC3 gas bottle storage cage

GGC3 gas bottle storage cage above

GGC4 gas bottle storage cage

GGC4 gas bottle storage cage above

GGC9 gas bottle storage cage

GGC9 Security cage

Size 1800 x 1800 x 1800 mm 

The unique galvanized security cage specially designed for storing gas cylinders.Robustly constructed using 25mm box sections and 3mm wire mesh, the Gorilla Gas Cage™ features a unique modular bolt-together design using individual galvanized panels, making it quick and easy to erect and dismantle. Suitable for use on site or in the storage yard, it comes complete and ready to erect with all fixings, and packs flat when not in use. The Gorilla Gas Cages™ are available in 16 standard sizes, but can easily be customised to any requirement.

Now also available as specials.  Please let us know what size you would like for a quote within 48 hours

 Download the security cage PDF here