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New diesel cars use AdBlue to lower harmful exhaust gas emissions and fleet operators, Agricultural sites and companies may find having their own AdBlue Storage and Dispensing solutions a benefit in time and costs.

bluemaster adblue storage dispensers

What is AdBlue ® ?

AdBlue is the trade name for an aqueous solution of urea. This reducing agent converts harmful nitrogen oxide into innocuous nitrogen and water. AdBlue is commonly used in diesel engines with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to meet stricter emission standards for diesel powered engines.
AdBlue is known by several names depending on the country: in the US, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), in Brazil, ARLA32. Its technical name is AUS32.

BlueMaster® Storage & Dispensing Tanks

bluemaster adblue storage

The BlueMaster and BlueMaster PRO AdBlue storage and dispensing tank ranges lead the pack for reliability. With nearly 10,000 units installed around the globe for over a decade this is a range which will give you peace of mind and all the benefits provided by industry leading solutions.

bluemaster adblue range

Available from 2500 to 9000 litres in vertical and space saving slimline options for those areas where space is an issue, the tank range also offers a full array of monitoring and management solutions.

All BlueMaster tanks feature doubled skinned construction for environmental protection and coupled with the closed fluid path system, safeguard against contamination and revenue loss.

On-site bulk storage means you, as an AdBlue distributor, benefit from better logistical planning and fleet owners can purchase larger volumes - saving everyone time and money

n our increasingly regulated world with stringent emission standards, SCR technology, and the need for AdBlue in cars, trains, buses, freight, tractors and ships, is becoming more common.
AdBlue is highly susceptible to contamination, which can be costly both financially and in terms of lost productivity.

BlueMaster tanks not only guarantee AdBlue purity, but also protect your AdBlue against external factors such as temperature, UV light and moisture.

AdBlue Dispensers

adblue dispenser

All AdBlue tanks come doubled skinned for environmental protection and to safeguard against contamination.
Available from 2500 to 9000 litres, and offering a broad range of management and monitoring solutions, BlueMaster gives our customers a quality cost-saving and compliant AdBlue storage solution. Each is backed by excellent technical and customer service support and a 10-year tank guarantee*.

Here is the Bluemaster Brochure detailing the different models available

Adblue Refilling Trolley

adblue refill trolley and container

Model: 10867

Mobile refilling of passenger vehicles with the diesel additive AdBlue®.

The rapidly-increasing number of diesel vehicles with AdBlue® introduces new challenges for workshops in refilling.

We have this possible solution that may help. 12 Volt electric pump Elaflex automatic nozzle 4-8 litres / minute, adjustable on the dispensing nozzle; from just 2 Litres / minute, made possible by additional adjustment of the bypass and pressure switch at the pump digital flow meter K 24 (trolley only) lithium iron phosphate battery with charger 

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