Chemical Storage Cabinets manufactured from Polypropylene. No internal metal parts are used, only the external lock is metal. Catches, Hinges, Shelves and doors are all manufactured in Polypropylene and designed for the most corrosive environments.

chemical storage cabinets

plastic chemical storage cabinet
Use all Polypropylene fabricated cabinets, no internal metal, no coatings and unbreakable. Will not damage in transit or use.

Standard Polypropylene Cabinets

polypropylene chemical storage cupboard 


In extreme environments of corrosive fumes or where metal enclosures are not suitable because of magnetic or spark risk danger, (refineries, oil rigs etc), we produce an all plastic enclosure range

Product Code 


W x D x H mm

Doors Shelves
 FC00PP  457x305x711 1 1
 FC01PP  457x457x762 1 1
 FC02PP  457x457x914 1 1
 FC03PP  610x305x610 1 1
 FC04PP  914x457x711 2 1
 FC05PP  914x457x914 2 2
 FC06PP  914x457x1219 2
FC07PP 914x457x1524 2 3
FC08PP 914x457x1829 * 2 3
* Image is shown above
The most important part of our range is that there are
Only the external lock is plated metal.
We have developed catches, hinges, shelves and doors completely made in Polypropylene.
This furniture will withstand the most corrosive and wet working environments.
Buy it once and forget it forever.

stackable chemical storage cabinets

Stackable Polypropylene chemical storage cabinets

Download the Polypropylene cabinet brochure
close up of polypropylene cabinet
Close up image showing the small lip designed to stop minor spillages

Plastic Laboratory Furniture

custom polypropylene lab furniture

The polypropylene laboratory furniture is custom manufactured to your specifications with the choice of sizes, shelves, sliding or opening doors along with various ventilation systems. Built-in lips prevent spillages and instruments and technology can be combined to provide laboratory furniture that will withstand the most corrosive and wet working environments and function many years into the future.
If you have a sketch or design please contact Merlin Industrial Products for a competitive price and lead time.

Examples of a recent (October 2020) polypropylene trolley, from drawings supplied by the customer and the finished trolleys delivered four weeks later.

We also supplied specialist, sealed polypropylene trays to act as sumps and leakage collectors in seven to ten days from the order.

Please contact Merlin Industrial Products with your drawings or requirements.

polypropylene trolley special 1

polypropylene trolley special 2

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