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Our library shelving is available in single and double sided versions. Based on a cantilever system the shelves are easily adjustable and available in a wide variety of colours, the shelves also have an anti-slip finish as well as a full range of optional accessories including trolleys.

Steel Library Shelving for the UK


“ Expo shelving has been sold to thousands of customers for the past 23 years “ So if you are looking to increase your existing storage or need parts for the shelving system you have inherited then this comprehensive range could be for you.

expo shelving load capacities

Adjustable Shelving for Document Boxes covers a wide range of products ranging from budget bolt together to clip together shelving.  Adjustable shelving also comes in wide or long spans and various strengths with the heavier duty shelving becoming more expensive. We now have the New Idea 5 shelving range with quick deliveries and excellent prices.

Archive shelving system

Galvanised Steel Shelving offers corrosion resistance and is ideal for more demanding environments where, normally more expensive options such as plastic or stainless steel shelving is required. Designed for Storerooms, Workshops and Retail storage.

galvanised steel shelving

Quickly and easily assembled,requiring only a rubber mallet, this range of shelving offers fast and economic solutions to everyday storage problems.  Available in a range of robust colourful finishes, or with pre-galvatite uprights and beams,these units are at home in any environment.


Garment Hanging – a clothing racking system for fashion and Charity retailers along with Theatre and Playgroups. Now available in chrome wire and suitable for retail storage and easily modified.


Aluminium shelving is an ideal alternative to stainless steel and offers dramatic cost savings. Aluminium shelving is also ideal for environments corrosive to normal steel shelving such as wet areas, Freezers and cold rooms. The Eko shelving below comprises Aluminium frames and Polymer/Plastic shelving panels for maximum hygiene control.

Eko Fit Aluminium Polymer shelving 

Gas Cylinder Cages with Shelves for gas cylinders with shelves and hinged lockable doors. Mobile models have a push handle at one end. All models are designed to carry a maximum of 16 calor gas type cylinders. Available painted steel or in a galvanised finish.
GCC01N gas cylinder cages

Antibacterial Shelving is 60% less expensive than stainless steel shelving and offers a protective coating for up to 10 years.  Industry testing of the antibacterial coating showed a 99% growth retardation of E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Antibacterial shelving also complies with MoD Specification 42 - as an alternative to stainless steel.

antibacterial shelving for the food and health industry

Specialist storage for the NHS healthcare items and consumables that meet the technical memorandum 71 where greater storage capacity can be provided at lower costs.

HDM71 mobile-storage

Shelving systems for public areas such as libraries and offices can be attractive and add to the local decor. We have a wide range of shelving systems on this page that include medical, food storage, office and library shelving. Manufactured in Germany the shelving systems offer excellent design and quality components.

library shelving with banner panel for identification

We can offer several systems that are easily cleaned and ideal for food preparation areas, Hospitals and medical facilities or anywhere where a high level of hygiene is required. The special anti-bacterial coating for lasting inhibition and re-emergence of bacteria is ideal for all health requirement areas such as Hospitals, Laboratories, Doctors surgeries and Nursing homes.

mobile medical hygienic shelving

Bolt Free Shelving. Strong and robust (boltless)adjustable shelving for manufacturing, engineering and production environments. The heavy-duty design offers simple and fast assembly, giving you quick solutions to your storage needs.


Rivet Racking Kanban is our solution for production line-side supply systems, where sloping shelves present containers for easy access and at the right height for operatives. Supplied flat-packed for ease of transport the Kanban shelving and container system is easy to assemble and lasts a lifetime.

kanban shelving system

Chrome wire shelving system offering strength, excellent air flow and with a wide range of accessories. Ideal for dry store, catering, retail display, medical authorities, hospitals, electronic, engineering and modern offices. Fully adjustable with shelf heights every 25 mm. Huge range of accessories including angled shelves, display baskets and utility rails.

chrome wire shelving in shop

Kinetic range of Mobile shelving is designed to increase available space by up to 100% and allow the maximum use of available storage space.  Ideal for archiving the mobile shelving can limit the space required and centralise the storage of a great deal of information.  Based on a track system these can easily be added to most offices and warehouses.

mobile shelving white with coloured handles

Delta-Plus Universal Shelving is the modern equivalent of the Swiss Army knife in the storage universe. Suitable for office or warehouse duty the Delta-plus range has a wealth of accessories such as dividers and suspension shelves making it attractive for archiving or a full pigeon hole style unit suitable for eCommerce companies.

delta plus shelving

Longspan shelving is one of the most popular storage systems due to it's versatility in storing all different sizes and weights.  Manufactured in the UK you can be assured that any shelving system you get from Merlin will last many years and should you wish to expand in the future the components will still be available.

Typically delivered with 5 Days!

The longspan shelving system consists of two simple components the Frame and the Shelf and apart from the optional bolt down feet requires no fixings ;

Longspan shelving ideal for military use

ESD Shelving is essential for the safe storage of Static Sensitive Devices (SSD). We have a wide range of suitable ESD storage containers for use with the esd shelving as well as various trolleys.

Latest Treston Prices

ESD products

ESD Shelving bay


Merlin has various mail sorting systems in both mesh and wood offering a central point for mail and parcel collection for staff or to help organise the mail-room in busy offices and healthcare establishments. Merlin can also offer a customised wooden pigeon hole system should none of out standard mail sorting systems fits the bill.

MT960Z mail sorting system

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