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Aluminium shelving is an ideal alternative to stainless steel and offers dramatic cost savings. Aluminium shelving is also ideal for environments corrosive to normal steel shelving such as wet areas, Freezers and cold rooms. The Eko shelving below comprises Aluminium frames and Polymer/Plastic shelving panels for maximum hygiene control.

Eko Fit Aluminium Polymer shelving 

Aluminium / Polymer Shelving System

Aluminium Shelving System

4 tier shelving bay, comprising 2 side frames and 4 shelves, 1730mm high.

Choice of Depths 425 and 600mm

Bay Widths 800, 1015, 1125, 1230, 1340, 1450, 1560 and 1665mm

Main image shows 4 tier unit used with add-on unit.

Aluminium shelving provides an economic alternative to stainless steel shelving, with removable shelf panels suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

As Well as the Freezer Rack system above we can now offer the slightly more competitive EKO shelving system.

Eko Fit Aluminium Polymer Unit

Download the Aluminium / Polymer shelving specification sheet and contact Merlin for a quotation or for more information.