“ Expo shelving has been sold to thousands of customers for the past 23 years “ So if you are looking to increase your existing storage or need parts for the shelving system you have inherited then this comprehensive range could be for you.

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EXPO shelving is a market leader for small part and multi-level storage systems. Providing flexible and adaptable solutions to a variety of industries; which offer the customer the potential to maximise their current storage space, whilst meeting the demands of the future.

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EXPO shelving has been designed around a single upright profile which enables the system to be completely interchangeable across both shelf designs, all accessories and fittings. Quality is ensured throughout the lifecycle of the product due to the highest levels of design and the latest manufacturing processes used. The ability to meet your specific demands has meant the system has evolved into offering the broadest range of accessories from one single shelving system.

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This means EXPO shelving can be used in a variety of sectors, including Industrial, Retail and Office applications. It has the capability to be built
either as just a few simple bays of shelving or a complete self-supporting storage structure, which could be configured as rack supported floors, two or three tier installations or high bay racks which use automated or guided picking equipment.

Expo 4 Shelf Overview

The EXPO 4 shelf design shown above comprises a single shelf panel that sits on a steel clip in each corner. This allows quick and simple installation and adjustment of each level.
Using the latest design and manufacturing technologies the shelf has been designed to provide a “friction fit” due to the unique connection between the shelf, shelf clip and upright. This provides additional strength and stability to the shelf and the bay through its unique design.
The shelves are available in a variety of modular sizes and can also be fitted with either one or two reinforcing ribs depending on the shelf
capacity required. The shelves are finished in a hard wearing epoxy powder paint finish.

Expo 3 Shelf Overview

The unique design of the EXPO 3 style shelf brings the possibility for a greater range of shelf sizes and capacities. The use of a shelf carrier at
each end of the shelf, which supports a combination of shelf panels in a variety of depths, provides capacities up to 500kgs UDL.
This also means the shelf is available in widths from 550 to 1500mm and depths from 200 to 1000mm. The Expo 3 shelf design can also create compartment shelving with the addition of a slotted panel and a fixed height divider. As there is no additional bracing to the end frames, each
bay can offer open access on all four sides.

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The unique cold rolled “T section” upright provides incredible strength and versatility and allows both shelf designs to be totally interchangeable. It can be manufactured in 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 mm thick steel and in lengths from 2000mm – 7000mm, offering bay capacities up to 3500kgs. The upright can
be made in pre-galvanised steel or painted with epoxy powder for a hard wearing and clean finish.

expo galvanised shelving

Expo 4 Shelves

Available in widths 700, 850, 1000, 1150 and 1300mm wide and 300, 400, 500 and 600mm deep. The shelves come supplied in a variety of capacities and when a single or double reinforcing rib is added capacities of 210kgs can be achieved. The shelf is 30mm thick and sits on a steel clip in each corner, the shelf can be adjusted on a pitch of 25mm.

Expo 3 Shelves

EXPO 3 shelf panels can be manufactured in lengths from 550 to 1500 mm long and two thicknesses of steel, depending on the load requirements.
The panels are made 100, 200, 300 and 400mm deep and are used in combinations to make up the overall depth of the bay. This means the design of each shelf can match each customer’s requirements in terms of both loadings and costs. All shelves are manufactured in pre-galvanised steel.

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Cladding Options

The EXPO system can have a variety of side and back cladding, simply and quickly fitted to the bays. Whether the system needs to be solid or mesh clad, MDF or steel, there is a solution to meet any requirement.
The use of louvre panels extends the flexibility of the system still further.

expo shelving cladding

Fixed Height Dividers

Compartment shelving is suitable for sub-dividing shelves to keep items organized and in their own location. By using a specially slotted EXPO3
Shelf panel and a vertical steel divider, multiple compartments can be created within each shelf.
The dividers can be positioned every 50mm along the shelf and made any height in increments of 25mm. The addition of a bin front and back
panel means smaller items can also be stored.

These can produce a pigeon hole style of system along with a free standing divider system where a full height system is not required.

expo shelf dividers

Shelf Trays

The Heavy Duty Shelf Trays have been designed specifically to fit the EXPO 4 shelving and maximise the density of storing small parts within
small part shelving bays.
Each tray fits perfectly within the 1000mm wide modules and is available in two widths, two heights and three depths, all of which can be sub
divided by a simple slot in divider.
The trays and dividers have a large reference label for clear identification which means selecting the correct item is much easier. The addition of
the sprung loaded shelf stop allows the tray to be safely withdrawn and held in position without the risk of the tray falling.

expo plastic shelf trays

Cupboard Doors

Modular double sliding door 2000mm wide x 2000mm high, which comes as a two part kit assembled on site and then attached to the front of the shelving. All finished in epoxy powder paint and comes with a cylinder lock and two keys

Modular double sliding door 2000mm wide x 2000mm high, which comes as a two part kit assembled on site and then attached to the front of the shelving. All finished in epoxy powder paint and comes with a cylinder lock and two keys.

expo cupboard doors

For the complete range of sizes and accessories please download the Expo brochure here.


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