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The wire mesh pigeon hole range of units have a ridged, welded outer casing with adjustable shelf runners that can be altered in height every 20 mm on the built-in runners and additional shelves can be slid in multiplying the number of compartments available.

Wire Mesh Pigeon holes 18 compartments 

These mesh pigeon hole units come complete with a powder coated plastic finish to prevent damage to hands on entry and exit. Along with a clever labelling system that flips out of the way, maximising space and offering plenty of space for labelling.

The units are deigned to sit on top of existing workbenches or desking so that on a standard office desk the overall height would be around 1800 mm.

Used for samples, mail and parcel sorting, garment storage and product display these units can be offered in Red, Blue and Silver Grey

Available in just two weeks these units are delivered on pallets to help prevent damage during transit.

Optional Extras

Powder coated mesh Shelves. Standard units can be doubled in compartment sizes using the shelf panels.

Extra labels, needed if you add more shelving/compartments

Available 5,6,18,20 and 24 standard compartments though these can be increased using extra shelf panels.

Model Code

Overall Dimensions

W x H x Depth mm


Compartment size

W x H x Depth mm

MSR24-4Column 1220 x 1067 x 380 24 254 x 171 x 380
MSR24-1Column 254 x 1067 x 380 6 254 x 171 x 380
MSR20-4Column 1219 x 1067 x 380 20 292 x 197 x 380
MSR20-1Column 292 x 1067 x 380 5 292 x 197 x 380
MSR18-3Column 1067 x 1067 x 380 18 343 x 171 x 380
MSR18-1Column 343 x 1067 x 380 6 343 x 171 x 380

Images of the different Powder coated wire mesh pigeon hole units.


  • Everything stored can easily be seen
  • Fully ventilated for organic or non-organic use
  • Clever labelling system for instant identification
  • Available in two weeks
  • Robust extra shelves offer adaptability
  • Lightweight in comparison to Wood and Steel

MSR24 - 4 Columns

Mesh Pigeon holes MSR24-4 columns

MSR20 - 4 Columns

Mesh Pigeon holes 400 0011

MSR24-1Column 6 Compartments in Red

Mesh Pigeon holes 400 0010

MSR18 - 3 Columns

Mesh Pigeon holes 400 0014 600

MSR20-1Column 5 Compartments Blue

Mesh Pigeon holes 400 0027

All these mesh pigeon hole storage systems are delivered on a pallet so please let us know the models and quantities and where you are so that we can offer the most economical prices.

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