Archway Lockers with Garment Hanging Rail

The archway lockers are ideal where lockable compartments and a open garment rail are required. The compartments allow for individual security of handbags etc. whilst the garment rail allows the garments to be collected and cleaned.

 Garment Lockers with Hanging Rail

Mesh Lockers for the UK

Mesh lockers are manufactured in the UK by skilled wire workers with specialist manufacturing techniques along with a varied coating service offering a wide range of sizes and finishes.

Wire mesh lockers with different compartments

Charging Lockers for Electrical Equipment

The New In Charge Lockers allows a convenient way to securely recharge electrical equipment from Laptops and Phones through to Power tools. With it's optional coin operated lock the unit could be rented out at shopping centres etc.

In Charge Lockers for Recharging electrical equipment

Modular Storage Lockers

The cube and the quarto lockers can be fixed side by side and back to back to allow for a wide range of possibilities in limited space or where the lockers need to be built around obstacles or to form a dense wall of individual storage such as schools or workshops..

Cube locker

Charging Stations

Charging stations for PDAs, Tablets and phones that are lockable and designed to minimise the space used and offer an almost clean room environment with built in fans for cooling and charging facilities. Available in a wide range of finishes and accessories as custom built to your requirements.

eco charge recharging cabinet

Multi-tier Steel Lockers

These steel multi-tier lockers are available from a single door to six doors or tiers. Standard locker height is 1780mm (70") with a choice of depths and widths.  The standard carcass colour is grey though we have recently introduced the new black body range.  The doors come in a wide range of colours and materials including perspex, laminate and steel along with modern keyless lock systems.

fire rated lockers

Clean and Dirty Lockers

Keeping clean garments and soiled work overalls separate can often be a problem. The Clean and Dirty Locker solves this by providing a centre partition with a double coat hook to either side. Identical in overall size the Uniforms Locker has three handy shelves to one side of the partition.

Clean and Dirty Locker

Personal Effects Lockers

Full size lockers are space hungry and for most people particularly offices and shops a small lockable compartment for phones, watches and wallets is all that is required. Personal effects lockers are increasingly useful where companies prefer employees not to use their mobile phones during work yet have somewhere safe to store the phones.

personal effects lockers 40 compartments

Educational Lockers and Benches

Educational Lockers are available in colour options for every level of education, from kindergarten to college. From a simple cube upwards, the sheer variety of lockers available puts them at the top of every school’s list for changing and storage requirements.

Educational Lockers

Perspex see through door lockers

High quality perspex door lockers provide secure storage for personal possessions. Smoky perspex makes for a more aesthetically pleasing look without removing visibility of the locker's contents.

perspex door lockers

Electronic Lockers and Hotlockers

Workplace lockers have been reinvented. Advanced integrated and electronic locker systems for the companies and employees of the future.

RFID Hotlockers 600px

Plastic Lockers

Plastic lockers do not rust and offer an ideal solution for wet areas inside and outside a building. All units are 320mm wide x 450mm deep and come in three different heights 450, 600 and 900mm and can be stacked together.


Express Lockers

Quality Lockers manufactured in the UK and available in 5 days.

 2 Door Closed Express Lockers

Plastic Ultrabox Lockers

Weather proof plastic lockers with a 10 year guarantee that are not only rust proof but vandal resistant making them ideal for schools and colleges where there is a lack of space inside the building.


Laminated Door Lockers

Laminated door lockers were always perceived as expensive but with new manufacturing techniques these attractive lockers are now available at competitive prices from Merlin Industrial Products.


Police Lockers

Police lockers used to be just standard lockers where you could hang your truncheon up on a hook but, for the modern day bobby you now need somewhere to store your CS gas and communication devices hence the purposely designed police locker supplied by Merlin Industrial.


Locker Room Design Guidance

Information on lockers and helpful tips on providing storage solutions for staff and visitors.

 Locker Room Design Guidance

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)Lockers

The health and safety commission give the following as guidance on how protective clothing should be taken care of in the workplace. These lockers enable employers to comply with these guidelines. Constructed from steel with blue doors, the lockers are identified with PPE labels removing any confusion between these and personal effects lockers.

PPE Lockers UK

Lockers for Workwear and Safety Clothing

We can supply a wide selection of lockers for workwear and safety clothing. The steel lockers have twin compartments to segregate clean and dirty and work clothing and personal clothing. With many different lock options and a variety of sizes we can offer a solution for every workplace.

clean and dirty lockers

Secure Storage Lockers

Secure storage lockers are designed to provide multiple storage facilities in a single unit. Each locker is controlled via the keypad or with a proximity card reader. Ideal for offices, hotels, public places for the storage of mobile phone, tablets where deposit safe style storage is a benefit.

SL0020 Secure lockers groupshot 600

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