For small items such as mobile phones, tablets and e-cigarettes the larger laptop charging lockers take up too much valuable space hence the small items lockers available with a wide range of coloured doors.

mobile phone charging lockers

 Ideal for use in leisure, education and public workplaces, these lockers deter the risk of opportunist theft.

These lockers offer a secure way to charge mobile phones and other small electrical equipment in the minimum of space.

mobile phone lockers

  • All doors have an all round reinforced edge.
  • Steel three knuckle hinges are welded to the door
  • Colours are electro powder coated and then baked for maximum durability
  • All doors are independently earthed to the locker body.
  • Doors are perforated to help prevent heat build-up during charging.
  • Five door locker has one perforated side.
  • Choice of locks to suit different applications
  • Each shelf in the five door locker has an additional front-to-rear reinforcing box section to increase strength.
  • Each locker compartment is fitted with one standard UK three-pin socket
  • Power lead is supplied with fitted RCD plug.
  • Plugs into standard UK domestic supply.

charging locker rcd plugindividual sockets in lockers

Sloping tops are available as a factory-fitted option. These prevent litter being left on locker tops and makes cleaning easier.

sloping top locker option

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