Educational Lockers are available in colour options for every level of education, from kindergarten to college. From a simple cube upwards, the sheer variety of lockers available puts them at the top of every school’s list for changing and storage requirements.

educational lockers group

Steel manufactured standard height compartment lockers at 1800mm high are ideal for senior pupils and reduced height lockers at 1370mm are perfectly suited for younger primary aged children.

Educational Lockers

For those awkward areas with limited space there are also modular lockers that can be stacked and nested. There is also a wide choice of coloured 
door options available to provide a  mix of colours e.g. harlequin effect. Standard locker options help when wanting a ‘bespoke’ locker this includes
locker stands, sloping tops, various lock options and complementary cloakroom equipment.

school lockers green and yellow

The following check list will give guidance when choosing the correct locker…

  • Establish the total requirement of compartments, remembering to incorporate potential additional users in the future.
  • Consider the size of compartment needed e.g. clothes hanging requirement, size of kitbags/rucksacks, etc. Popular locker configurations within educational
    establishments are 2, 3 and 4 door lockers.
  • Survey the premises to establish suitable locker locations that are dry, free from excessive moisture, remembering high traffic areas may not be suitable plus any areas exposed to the outdoor elements.
  • Position lockers in areas that are open to view to assist with deterring vandalism
  • Carefully consider a suitable locking mechanism, popular options are a key operated cam lock or a padlock fitting. Padlock fittings will accept a key or combination
    padlock. The minimum shank diameter recommended is 6mm. Additional keyless solutions are featured within the brochure
  • Allowing sufficient time from ordering lockers to having them installed. During busy periods of national holidays give as much notice as possible to arrange supply and delivery.
  • Finally, consider acquiring necessary spare locker components to replace damaged parts e.g. doors, locks etc. Tip… a well maintained locker is less likely to be
    abused than an unmaintained locker.
  • Remember to seek guidance from recommended locker suppliers like Merlin Industrial Products who can offer expert advice on choice and installation.

educational cube lockers

School locker
1 door and 2 door

  • Special height for younger users
  • Reinforced doors
  • Lock options
  • Integral seat and stands available
  • Sloping top option available

single door

Product CodeH x W x D (mm)
133030SL 1370 x 300 x 300
133045SL 1370 x 300 x 450

two door

Product CodeH x W x D (mm)
1330302 1370 x 300 x 300
1330452 1370 x 300 x 450

three door

  • Special height for younger users
  • Reinforced doors
  • Lock options
  • Integral seat and stands available
  • Sloping top option available
Product CodeH x W x D (mm)
1330303 1370 x 300 x 300
1330453 1370 x 300 x 450

Cube and Quarto School Lockers

quarto locker

  • Reinforced doors
  • Pre-Drilled fixing holes
  • Bolted to form stacks and nests
  • Lock options
  • Optional perforated doors
Product CodeH x W x D (mm)
513045QU 512 x 300 x 450

cube locker

  • Three sizes 300, 380 and 450mm
  • Bolted to form stacks and nests
  • Lock options
  • Ideal for both personal storage and utilising awkward areas
Product CodeH x W x D (mm)
303030C 300 x 300 x 300
383838C 380 x 380 x 380
454545C 450 x 450 x 450
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